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They believed that the afterlife was a happy


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What was the hopeful view of death in which the ancient egyptians believed?

The egyptians believed in the afterlife.

What type of afterlife did Egyptians expect?

a well and happy afterlife

Why do the Egyptians preserved the bodies of their dead?

Because the Egyptians believed in afterlife, and by preserving the the god can take it over in the afterlife.

Why did the egyptians believe in the afterlife?

The ancient Egyptians believed that anyone can live forever in the afterlife. Belief in the afterlife is a worldwide tradition, found in ancient societies everywhere.

What did the Egyptians do to achieve a happy afterlife?

to have a good afterlife you do good not bad

What building did the ancient Egyptians use to help them prepare for the afterlife?

The Ancient Egyptians used pyramids to help them prepare for the afterlife.

How did the afterlife inspired the egyptians to build pyramids?

the afterlife inspired the egyptians to build pyramids because they wanted their pharoahs to have some of his or her riches and they wanted their pharoahs to be happy in the afterlife.

What is afterlife and why was it so important to the Egyptians?

The afterlife was the life after death and the egyptains believed that they would be much better in the afterlife. The afterlife was so important to the egyptians because they believed that a preserved body would come to life and they would be happier in the afterlife.

What did the egyptians think of the afterlife?

The Egyptians thought that people came back during the afterlife in the same body as when they died. This is why Egyptians took care to preserve their bodies after death.

How do Egyptians prepare for the afterlife?

peace out

How did the Egyptians see afterlife?

with an eyeglass

Who did Egyptians believe had afterlife?

the pharohs

What did Egyptians do in the afterlife?

The Egyptians believed the after life was like heaven. They believed that in the afterlife you couldn't die. They thought that it was filled with happiness and joy.

Why is Osiris important?

Because he is a GOD! The god of the Afterlife and the Afterlife was important to the Egyptians.

Why is the afterlife so important to the egyptians?

They thought that the afterlife was a happy and peaceful place.

What did the Ancient Egyptians bring with them to the afterlife?

Ancient Egyptians took many things with them to the afterlife. Some of these things were riches, jewelry, food, clothes, and other valuables. They brought these to have a good afterlife. ----

What did the Ancient Egyptians believe the Afterlife was like?

The Ancient Egyptians thought the afterlife was just like their previous life. The afterlife would be full of complete bliss and it was good natured and friendly

What did mummies mean to the Egyptians?

Ancient Egyptians believed that mummies were the key to the afterlife.

What is Egyptians religious about creation?

Egyptians believed in an afterlife so they created mummification...

What did the ancient Egyptians do in the pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids for pharaohs in the afterlife.

How did the Egyptians and sumerians view the afterlife?

The Egyptians believed in after life, so with the mum mi of pharaohs even things needed for their second life was put in the pyramids, like their best slave and things he needed there.

Did the Egyptians the first to believe in an afterlife?


What proof do you have that the egyptians believed in an afterlife?


Where did Egyptians hope to go after they died?


What happens to egyptians when they die?

they enter the afterlife

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