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How did the Great Awakening affect New York?

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It was a British religious movement the swept over the colonies so it brought religion to New York

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Q: How did the Great Awakening affect New York?
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What was not a change associated with the Second Great Awakening in western New York?

The strengthening of religious authority in Congregationalist churches

How did the Second Great Awakening affect America?

This Second Great Awakening, a reprise of the Great Awakining of the early 18th century, was marked by an emphasis on personal piety over schooling and theology. It arose in several places and in several active forms. In northern New England, social activism took precedence; in western New York, the movement encouraged the growth of new denominations :) their yah go bud bud

Who was the most popular preacher of the second great awakening?

Charles G. Finney was the most influential preacher of the Second Great Awakening. He preached in New York State and eventually became the president of Oberlin College in Ohio.

What were ministers who opposed the great awakening known as?

The ministers who opposed the Great awakening were known as the "old lights" as an antonym of the people who were a part of the Great awakening that called themselves the new lights.

What puritan preacher played a key role in the great awakening in new England?

Jonathan Edwards played a key role in the great awakening in new england.

Why did the Great Awakening occur in 18Th Century America?

From the 1720s through the 1740s a religious revival came (the great awakening) IN New England and the middle colonis ministers called for a new birth a return to the strong faith of earlier days > Johnathon Edwards and George Whitefield were 2 great preachers for the great awakening. The Great Awakening led to the formation of many new churches

What country did the mormans come from?

The United States! Mormonism was founded in upstate New York, USA in 1830 during the Second Great Awakening.

The burned-over district refers to the intense religious revivals during the Second Great Awakening that were located in?

Western New York

What is New Lights?

People who were not agaisnt the Great Awakening.

How did Jonathan Edward's church contribute to the first Great Awakening?

His church helped to promote and explain the mean of the Great Awakening through a new theology. Edward's greatest contribution as a pastor was promoting the Great Awakening.

Who were the Ministers who supported the great awakening?

"New Light Ministers"

How did the second great awakening contribute to new social reform movements?

The second great awakening made people greatly sway to more religion.

How do you put the Great Awakening in a sentence?

The Second Great Awakening pitted 'old-light' traditional believers against the beliefs of 'new-light' believers who focused on spirtual and emotional experiences. or The Great Awakening was a historically and religiously significant event.

What does the Great Awakening refer to?

The Great Awakening refers to a period of religious rivalry between the protestants in the American colonies, particularly in New England from 1725 to 1770.

Did the great awakening create a new religion?

No, it just changed how they interpreted it.

What movement was the great awakening?

It was the uprising of new churches in the 1740's

What new religions arose during the second great awakening?

Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, and Christadelphians are the new religions that arose during the Second Great Awakening. Another religion that arose was the Church of Christ.

How did the great awakening start?

The Great Awakening started when the New England colony started having free thinkers. Because of the education they were recieving,they started questioning England and revolted.

Who was the brilliant New England theologian who instigated the great awakening?

Jonathan Edwards

Brilliant New England theologian who instigated the Great Awakening?

John Edwards

New England preacher who led Great Awakening in colonies?

Jonathan Edwards

How did the enlightenment and great awakening influence American ideas?

New ways of thinking.

Which part of the country did the Second Great Awakening begin?

It began in New England

Great Awakening ministers introduced a new form of preaching called?


What led to the formation of many new churches especially in the southern backcountry?

The Great Awakening