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"New Light Ministers"

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Q: Who were the Ministers who supported the great awakening?
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Ministers who supported the great awakening against the old light clergy who rejected it were called?

New light

What were ministers who opposed the great awakening known as?

Ministers who opposed the Great Awakening were known as "Old Lights." They believed in traditional religious practices and doctrine and were critical of the emotional and dramatic nature of the revival movement.

What did the ministers of the great awakening preach to their listeners?

The ministers of the Great Awakening preached that salvation could only be gained through the acceptance of God's grace and the confession of sins.

Colonial ministers who opposed the Great Awakening were known as?

"Old Lights."

Who was the theologian who supported the Great Awakening?

Jonathan Edwards!

What did ministers like George Whitefield try to do during the Great Awakening?


Why did the Great Awakening occur in 18Th Century America?

From the 1720s through the 1740s a religious revival came (the great awakening) IN New England and the middle colonis ministers called for a new birth a return to the strong faith of earlier days > Johnathon Edwards and George Whitefield were 2 great preachers for the great awakening. The Great Awakening led to the formation of many new churches

How did the ideas of the great awakening affect individual colonists and why did some ministers oppose the movement?

The Great Awakening stirred many, but not all, colonists. The Great Awakening had great effect on the Prebyterian Church in the middle colonies. Traditional and evangelical ideas were in conflict even in these remote frontier regions. Frontier missionary Charles Woodman tried to fight the changes brought about the Great Awakening. (Got this straight from the book) Hope this helps! :)

Great Awakening ministers introduced a new form of preaching called?

Great Awakening ministers introduced a new form of preaching called "evangelicalism," which emphasized emotional and personal experiences of faith over traditional church doctrines and rituals. They aimed to inspire a spiritual renewal and awaken a personal connection with God in their congregations.

The Great Awakening was?

The Great Awakening was from the 1730s- 1740s

When was the Great Awakening?

The Great Awakening was from the 1730s- 1740s

Who started the great awakening?

who was the leader of the great awakening?