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Probably not at all is the simple answer.

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How did the smoot hawley tariff affect the American economy?

The tariff hurt trade with other countries.

What happened to Germany's economy after the holocaust?

Germany's economy inflated after the holocaust.

How did the Holocaust affect the lives of American Jews?

Many American Jews - probably the majority - had relatives who were victims of the Holocaust. It was the cause of much anxiety and grief.

How does the president affect the American economy?

The President doesn't affect the economy. The fiscal responsibility of our government spending is in the hands of Congress.

How did installment plans affect the American economy in the 1920s?

They fueled the growth of the consumer economy.

What affect did protective tariffs have on the American economy?

Protective tariffs had a few effects in the American economy. The main effect that it had was pricing.

How did war industries board affect the American Economy?

It bolstered it.

Why did installment plans affect the American economy in the 1920's?

fueled growth of the consumer economy

Why did Hitler affect the Holocuast?

Hitler didn't just affect the Holocaust, he was the Holocaust.

How did the drop in value of the Continental affect the American economy?

Look in your book

How was the Jews economy before the Holocaust?

in most of the countries effected by the Holocaust Jews contributed a disproportionately high proportion to the economy

What is globalization and how does it affect the American economy?

Its the economy going ever more global. It means American businesses have to work on the global market rather than just the American one.

What effect did the Holocaust have on the economy?

it damaged it.

How did the holocaust affect the course of American history?

It meant that the US was obliged to accept more Jews after the war.

How did the transportation during the Industrial Revolution affect the American economy?

just study

How did the American involvement in World War 2 affect the economy?

the great depression

How did the War Industries Board affect the American economy?

it curtailed free enterprise.

How American and European allies responded to the Jewish holocaust?

The Allies knew that they could do little to directly affect the Holocaust, all that they could do was to win the war against Germany and her allies as quickly as possible to halt the Holocaust.

How did farming affect the economy in early american westward movement?

farming affected the economy in early amarian western movement by...

How did war in Europe affect the American economy?

The war in Europe affected the American economy by creating a massive increase in US industrial production as well as stable prices.

Which group of people did the Holocaust affect?

The Jews were effected by the Holocaust

How does the marketing affect the economy?

how does affect the all economy

How was the economy in Germany after the Holocaust?

After Holocaust Germany became a dead country.Noone ever wanted to go their so does the Jews.It effected the economy but they lost many people.

How did the Holocaust affect people?

The holocaust affected people by not trusting anyone

How do bio-fuels affect the economy?

it does not affect the economy

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