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Because, they lead new ideas, such as: how the planet move, the newton's law 1,2, and third, and technology developments.

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Q: How did the Industrial Revolution promote democracy?
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How did the industrial revolution promote imperialism?

It (Industrial Revolution) encouraged imperialism by: It (Industrial Revolution) created a need for raw materials and markets.

When was League for Industrial Democracy created?

League for Industrial Democracy was created in 1905.

After the Industrial Revolution what did liberals begin to argue was needed if the political equality envisioned for a democracy was to work?

economic equality

What is industrial democracy?

what is industrial democracy is dependent to humanresoures manegement

How did the Renaissance the Reformation the Age of Exploration and Discovery of the Scientific Revolution promote the rise of democracy?

The Age of Revolutions brought on by liberalism, called for freedom and equality which led to the rise of democracy.

How did the Industrial revolution promote 19th century Imperialism?

The Industrial Revolution promoted imperialism because after nations (mainly European nations) acquired advanced technology and military, they all competed for their overseas empires which led to imperialism.

Which phrase best describes the purpose of labor union during the Industrial Revolution?

NovaNet answer: to protect and promote workers' rights

Which phrase best describes the purpose of labor unions during the Industrial Revolution?

NovaNET answer: To protect & promote workers' rights

When did the human population begin to increase exponentially?

Industrial Revolution

How many parts was the industrial revolution divided into?

The Industrial Revolution was divided into two distinct parts: the First Industrial Revolution, and the Second Industrial Revolution.

What political develpoments during the middle ages help weaken feudalism?

Basically the French Revolution and the Agricultural Revolution (which developed into the Industrial Revolution). The French Revolution showed the people of Europe that it is possible to overthrow a tyrannical monarchial government and establish a democracy. With the development of the Industrial Revolution, capitalism allowed, in theory, anyone to rise to the elite upper class.

What is a sentence for this word Industrial Revolution?

your in the industrial revolution