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because the US wanted some oil and this made some people mad.

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When did the Iraq War start?


When did the recent Iraq war start?


In what year and month did the Iraq war start?

The Iraq war started in March of 2003. The Iraq war lasted eight years, eight months, three weeks, and five days.

Did Iraq or the US start the Iraq war?

the us started it by thinking iraq had weapons of mass destruction/ nuclear missiles.

How long has the US been at war with Iraq?

The March 20, 2003 invasion of Iraq marked the start of the conflict known as the Iraq War. This war lasted until August 31, 2010.

When did the Iran-Iraq war start?

The Iran-Iraq War was from September 22, 1980 until August 20, 1988.

Is world war 3 about to start?

World war 3 is not about to start but we are at war with Iraq, Afghanistan ,and Iran. Why would you think world war 3 is about to start?

Date of Iraq war start?

March 19th 2003

How did the first gulf war start?

Iraq invaded Kuwait

When did the Iraq and American war start?

The war against Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) commenced in 2003 and ended in 2003. Even though Operation Iraqi Freedom continues, the war against Iraq is ended. The US is NOT at war with Iraq; the US is trying to restore LAW, ORDER, and STABILITY in Iraq at this time.

Why did the Gulf War start?

Iraq invaded Kuwait. That's why the Gulf War started

When Did The Gulf War Start and End?

Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988/89).

Why is the war in Iraq there?

The War in Iraq is in Iraq is a tautology. The reason it is called the Iraq War is specifically because it is in Iraq.

When did the Iraq War start in the 1990s?

The first Iraq war was one of the shortest conflicts the US was ever involved in. It began on January 17, 1991.

How could the Iraq genocide have been prevented?

If America found proof that Iraq was or was not gonna start a nuclear war.

When did gulf war start and why?

The war started when Iraq invaded Kuwait (kew-ate) for Kuwait's oil. Iraq thought that Kuwait was illegally tapping into Iraq oil fields. That's when Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990.

What is the name of the war Iraq and US is in?

It is known as :The Iraq War,The Second Gulf WarOccupation of IraqWar in Iraq,In Iraq is is known as the 2nd American Gulf War.

When did the US government start borrowing money from China?

The Iraq War

What country did Iraq attack to start the Persian gulf war?


Why did Bush start the Persian Gulf War?

The US did not start the war in the Persian Gulf; border disputes started the Iran-Iraq War in 1980-1988.

What is the name of the war in Iraq?

the Iraq war

What was the name of the war with Iraq?

Iraq war

Does Iraq have the right to have a nuke?

I'm not sure of this. Why would Iraq have a nuke? One purpose of Iraq having a nuke is that they can start or end war. I don't think Iraq haves the right to have a nuke.

What type of music do Iraq people listen to?

stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please

How did the gulf war start?

Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 1, 1990.