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Those who were in the areas of conflict survived through luck.

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How did Jews survive living in Australia in World War 2?

The relatively few Jews in Australia during World War 2 didn't face much of a threat since Australia came out of the war largely unscathed.

Did the Jews win World War 2?

No, the Jews were not a side in World War 2. The Jews collectively were not combattants.

How did the Jews eat to survive during World War 2?

They ate what they could, some survived, some didn't.

Jews died in World War 2?

about 6 million Jews died in all world war 2.

Which countries did Jews migrate to during and after World War 2?

The Jews migrated to Palestine after World War 2.

Which war did more people die in World War 1 or World War 2?

world war 2 kid, think about it, Jews, lots and lots of Jews...

Was there any justice for the Jews after World War 2?

There was a lot of sentiment for Jews after World War 2. Israel was created for Zionist Jews as a result.

What was the population of Jews After World War 2?

Immediately after World War 2 there were an estimated 12 million Jews worldwide.

Why did World War 2 changed the world?

the jews

How was the persecution of Jews significant to the outcome of World War 2?

I don't think the Nazi persecution of the Jews had any bearing on the '''outcome''' of World War 2. The war (unlike the Holocaust) was not about the Jews.

How many Jews were killed in World War I?

In World War 1 the Jews were not specifically targeted. Perhaps you are thinking of World War 2 and the Holocaust?

What was anti-senitism in World War 2?

Hatred for Jews

How did some Jews survive?

Jews survived by saving up for food in the black market. Some Jews wrote letters, secretly, to the U.S.A at secret locations to ask for assistance. That is how World War 2 concluded.

Who was the scapegoat of World War 2?


Who were the condemned in World War 2?


How many Jews in Poland after World War II?

300,000 Polish Jews were in Poland at the end of World War 2.

What happened to Swedish Jews during World War 2?

Sweden was neutral in World War 2, so Swedish Jews were safe in Sweden.

What race of people had more deaths in world war 2?

Jews. Hitler hated Jews. 6 million Jews died in world war two.

How many Jews lived in cental Europe in world war 2?

Almost all Jews were deported from cental Europe in world war 2, to the east.

How was hitlers treatment of the Jews in world war 2?

how was hitlers treatment of the Jews

How were the Jews affected economically in World War 2?

how were the jews affected economically

How many jews where killed in world war 2?

6,000,000 jews were killed

In world war 2 who hid the Jews?

nobody the Jews hid themselves.

What did the Jews think of world war 2?

The answer is the Jews think today is WWII

Why did world war 2 start for the Jews?

Jews had nothing to do with the causes of World War II. Rather, World War II happened to the Jews and they suffered mightily on account of Hitler's racial purist ideology.