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The Korean War was the FIRST "Hot" Battle of the Cold War; a war against communist aggression.


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It affected the Korean War because communism was one of the causes.

The South Koreans were affected because they were low on money that time. If they had a lot of money, they could of won the war by themselves.

The Korean War was the FIRST war in US History in which they were "Officially Integrated" into the US military forces.

because it was a peace keeping and liberation war

Consult the Korean War Chronological Concise Battle History at

The federal budget was affected by the Korean War because it cost many billions of dollars to wage it. Without the war, taxes would have likely been less.

Altogether 26,791 Canadians served in the Korean War, with 1,558 casualties. 516 Canadian's are listed in the Korea Book of Remembrance for their sacrifice. A complete history of Canadian Forces in the Korean War can be found at :

During the Korean War, Chinese people were affected in that so called Volunteers from China were sent to help the North Koreans. The result was the deaths of many Chinese soldiers. The Korean War was just one part of the "Cold War".

There were various types of people with many different cultural backgrounds being affected by this war. there were so many countries getting involved that it had an affected the people living in the counrty

sadly it didn't kill enough asians

Chum-kon Kim has written: 'The Korean War' -- subject(s): Korean War, 1950-1953, History

The Korean War is important in history. The assassination of John F. Kennedy is an important event in history.

The Vietnam War was much more signifcant for the U.S than the Korean War becuase History made an informative series for Vietnam, "Vietnam in HD". The Korean War didn't have as much gore or communist involvment to really make T.V material.

Because if you forget you might fail your history exam.

It was on the Korean Peninsula. That's why it is called the Korean War.

The Korean War was followed by the Vietnam War.

The people of Korea experienced the first violence between communism and the free world, during the Korean War.

The war of the Korean lol

The Korean War was fought to a stalemate.

The Afghanistan is officially the longest war in American history. It began October 7, 2001 has not ended yet. Before that, the Vietnam war was the longest war in American history. It lasted 103 months. Others claim the Korean War is the longest because it never officially ended, we only signed a cease fire with them. Second Opinion (different User): The Korean war technically has not ended, making it the longest war, by far, in American History. It "ended" with an armistice, which is really just a truce. A truce means that all hostilities are stopped, but the war is not over. Afghanistan is the longest war if you only count months of active conflict. Technically the Korean war is ongoing though, making it the longest war in our history.

It established a DMZ between North and South Korea.

J.F Stone has written: 'The hidden history of the Korean war.'

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