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It was mainly Rosa Parks that got famous from that!

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no,you can not propel a boat because propel means to push or drive forwards

The pH level in propel is 4

The boat PROPEL by the rowers rowing

propel is spin then the antonym is staying still

The advertisements helped to propel sales for the new product.

Propel Fitness Water was created in 2000.

'Propel' means 'drive forward', so 'propel forward' means 'drive forward forward'. Better to avoid it!

no it does not because the label says propel zero, as in zero caffeine.

synonyms for propel is push, force, impel, launch, move, shoot, send, press,and start the meaning of propel is cause to move, forward or onward.

If you want the music from the laptop you get this certin Samsung Propel USB cable designed to only work for the Samsung Propel. One side connects the Samsung Propel and the other side connects the laptop. Then after that you should know how to get the downloaded music from your computer. thats some info about the USB

You might propel a model boat by pushing it in the water or by attaching a sail to the boat. You might also propel a model boat using a motor and a remote control system.

That all depends on how long they're turned on. Their advantage is that they can run for a long time. They will not propel you very fast during short periods, but they will propel you very efficiently.

Anything caloric can cause weight gain, including Propel fitness water.

Yes, Propel contains sucralose. This is the same sweetener commonly marketed as Splenda.

Yes, drinking Propel does make you gain weight because it has 10 calories per serving. However you can always opt for Propel Zero, which has zero calories.

A projectile is any moving object which does not propel itself. For example a rocket burns fuel to propel itself through the sky whilst a shell fired from a cannon has no way to propel itself.

This experiment will demonstrate the use of magnets to propel our model rocket across the parking lot. I hope that my repairs to the propeller will successfully propel us across the lake to safety.

The force of his kick managed to propel the ball high into the air, and past the goalkeeper's outstretched arms. Jet skis use streams of water to propel themselves across the surface. The speed gained moving down the ramp will propel a ski jumper through the air.

Many things can be used to propel a boat. For example, a gasoline engine or the wind using a sail.

The verb propel does not have a direct noun form. A related noun form is propulsion, a process for, a state of, or the means of propelling.

Propel water contains sweeteners and preservatives that make drinking this product as a general source of water not the best. These additives can have negative effects on your body when consumed in large

Propel can be good for you in some ways. After you exercise propel hydrates you. Do not drink during a sport involved with lots of running like basketball. The acid makes your stomach ache. So in ways it is good. And some ways no.

ok. well the function of the siphon is to get the water and propel the squid fin first through the ocean!

Propel does have electrolytes. Some other sports drinks that have electrolytes are Cytomax, Accelerate, GU2O, Gatorade, as well as PowerBar Endurance.

Winning delegates in these next few states could propel Mr. Johnson to the republican candidacy for president in 2012.

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