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How did the Nazis tattoo prisoners in the concentration camps?

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1. According to a Holocaust Survivor that came and spoke at our school, there were two people at a table, one held the person's arm down and told the other man the number. The second man picked up an instrument that looked like a stick with a needle at the end. He would use the needle and trace the numbers in the skin, and then rub ink into it.

2. The Nazis tatooed prisoners in the camps because it was one of their ways to make you feel inhuman. They tatooed you and made you like everyone in the camps. They tatooed you so it was easier on them to count prisoners and keep track of you. Add comments, -round Rupert

3. The Nazis were also very aware of the way in which many Jews blindly followed their religion. (As a sheep would follow a Shepard) Many religions teach you that your body is your temple, hand sculpted by God himself and to mark it is a horrific

sin. Many people believe it was used to keep track of the prisioners. While this does hold SOME truth, it is filtered out again with the main attraction the Nazis had been seduced by from the very beginning, dehumanization. Afterall, aren't our cattle tagged before they are sold?

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Did the Flossenbürg concentration camp prisoners get a tattoo?

No, only the Auschwitz group of camps tattooed prisoners.

What were the concentration camps known for?

Concentration Camps Were Widely Known For Exterminating Jewish Kind And Prisoners of War. Used in WWII By Nazis.

Did the Jews get a numbered tattoo when they went to a Nazi concentration camp?

Only those selected for work at the Auschwitz group of camps. Other camps didn't tattoo prisoners.

Why were people put into concentration camps before World War 2?

From 1933 until 1938, most of the prisoners in the concentration camps were political prisoners (i.e. people who spoke or acted in some way against Hitler or the Nazis) and people the Nazis labeled as "asocial."

How did the Nazis number Jews in concentration camps?

At the Auschwitz group of camps prisoners selected for work (whether Jewish or not Jewish) were tattooed with a number.

How did prisoners leave the concentration camps?

Many prisoners tried to escape from the concentration camps, but most of them were killed off under the command of the Nazis. So usually, they had to survive there until the Allied forces took over the concentration camp locations and freed their comrades.

Why did the Nazis tattoo Jewish prisoners?

* It was permanent. * It was cheap. * It was degrading. * It helped the Nazis keep tabs on prisoners. Obviously, the tattooed numbers were only given to prisoners selected for work. Moreoever, it was used only at the Auschwitz group of camps.

What happened to prisoners who tried to escape from concentration camps?

If they were caught they were burned alive or as the Nazis said "take a shower".

What camps were used by the Nazis?

Concentration camps.

What medical experiments were performed on the prisoners in the concentration camps?

See the answer on "What kind of medical expirements were performed on the prisoners in the concentration camps"

Why did the Nazis finish killing the Jews?

The Nazis preferred to abandon the most Eastern concentration camps to avoid being captured by the Russian army. They transported the remaining Jewish camp population towards the Western concentration camps. These camps were later taken by the American army, and the Jewish prisoners liberated.

When was Croatian Association of Prisoners in Serbian Concentration Camps created?

Croatian Association of Prisoners in Serbian Concentration Camps was created in 1995.

Why were the Nazi Camps called Concentration Camps?

There are a number of types of camps that exist in the English language.One type of camp that the Nazis used were concentration camps.The Nazis also used many other types of camp.Many other countries use and have used concentration camps.There are/were different classifications of camps. The year or the location of a camp does not dictate its classification, its function does.Because large numbers of prisoners were "concentrated" in one location.

Did the prisoners in those concentration camps starve to death because the allies cut off the food supply to Germany?

No..... No..... The people who died in the concentration camps died because it was the intention of the Nazis that the people who were sent to the concentration camps were to die. They starved because those that imprisoned them did not feed them.

Why were non-Jewish prisoners in the camps?

Concentration camps were not originally intended for the Jews, they contained political opponents of the Nazis and all finds of other groups that the Nazis did not want in society. These prisoners were not treated well, but they were not subject to the same harassment and treatment that the Jews were and some manged to live through 12 years in the concentration camp system.

Did all prisoner of wars get tattoos as a ID?

No, it is not legal to tattoo a prisoner of war (a captured soldier) forceably, the prisoners that were tattooed were the Jewish prisoners in the German concentration camps. These people were not prisoners of war (they were not soldiers).

How did the Nazis find commandants for the concentration camps?

They were chosen from within the SS staff at concentration camps.

Why did they create concentration camps?

Concentration camps were first used by the British during the Boer War. As their name implies, it was the most efficient way of holding the maximum number of prisoners with the smallest number of guards. For the reasons why the Nazis set up concentration camps see the related question.

What type of prisoners were in the early concentration camps in Germany?

The earliest Nazi concentration camps were intended mainly for: * Communists * Social Democrats * Labour leaders * Dissidents * People against whom influential Nazis had a grudge Some Jews were also sent to concentration camps in 1933-34.

Where were the Prisoners of War kept?

Concentration camps

How were Holocaust prisoners originally killed at the concentration camps?

Often by shooting, but that wasn't efficient enough for the Nazis, so they introduced mass gassings.

Why did the Nazis use death marches?

To keep the Jewish prisoners frightened. It was one of the many scare tactics used in the concentration/death camps.

How many Nazis are there in the concentration camps?


Who sent the Jews to concentration camps?

The Nazis.

How many concentration death and work camps did the Nazis have?

According to research reports, Nazis actually set up 20 000 concentration camps.

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