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How did the Nazis tattoo prisoners in the concentration camps?



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1. According to a Holocaust survivor that came and spoke at our school, there were two people at a table, one held the person's arm down and told the other man the number. The second man picked up an instrument that looked like a stick with a needle at the end. He would use the needle and trace the numbers in the skin, and then rub ink into it.

2. The Nazis tatooed prisoners in the camps because it was one of their ways to make you feel inhuman. They tatooed you and made you like everyone in the camps. They tatooed you so it was easier on them to count prisoners and keep track of you. Add comments, -round Rupert

3. The Nazis were also very aware of the way in which many Jews blindly followed their religion. (As a sheep would follow a Shepard) Many religions teach you that your body is your temple, hand sculpted by God himself and to mark it is a horrific

sin. Many people believe it was used to keep track of the prisioners. While this does hold SOME truth, it is filtered out again with the main attraction the Nazis had been seduced by from the very beginning, dehumanization. Afterall, aren't our cattle tagged before they are sold?