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The Persian Gulf supplies most of the US's oil needs.

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What event led to the US in the Persian Gulf War?

The US was involved in all 3 Persian Gulf Wars...which one?

Why did the US feel justified in entering the Persian gulf war?

All of the Persian Gulf wars concerned oil. The US utilizes many automobiles. The US has been involved in all or most of the Persian Gulf wars in the 20th and 21st centuries; specifically which Persian Gulf War concerns your question?

Us during Persian gulf war?

Patrolled Persian Gulf, see website: USS Stark

Is Persian gulf right Arabian?

Persian gulf is right it has been Persian gulf and,is Persian gulf will remain PERSIAN GULF,the sea of pars people,

Why was the Persian Gulf war successful for the US?

why was the gulf war a success and why was it not

How did the Persian Gulf War affect the US economically?

Despite losing much of the resourses, it benefited in terms of oil resourse.

How did the Persian Gulf war affect the US politically?

It showed that Britain and the USA are leading the coalition and the world and an evidence of that is that after the gulf war in a year the soviet union collapsed

Why has President Obama ordered increased military power into the Persian gulf?

The US Military in the Persian Gulf is used to buttress US Support for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Countries against Iran.

How many US soldiers were killed or wounded in the Persian Gulf War?

US personnel have been killed in 3 Persian Gulf Wars; which one do you mean?

Since the Persian Gulf War against Iraq in 1991 the US has vowed to?

remain a strong military presence in the Persian gulf region

What country did the US fight during the Persian Gulf war?

Iraq. The ancient name for Iraq was Persia. That's why it is called the Persian Gulf.

Is the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf?

Well, its not in the Persian Gulf, the Persian Gulf is the old name of the Arabian Gulf, which is a shallow sea in the middle east. The UAE is on the cost of the Persian Gulf/ Arabian Gulf

Did the US led a group of other nations to recapture Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War?

YES. This is an effective summation of the Persian Gulf War of 1991.

Country on Persian gulf?

Iran is a country on the Persian Gulf.

What is a country on the Persian Gulf?

Kuwait is a country in the Persian Gulf

Which Mediterranean is the Persian gulf in?

The Persian Gulf is not in the Mediterranean area.

Which Persian gulf country is an island?

Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf and the smallest country in the Persian Gulf area.

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