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How did the Red Sox get their name?

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they wore red sox

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What year did the Red Sox adopt the name Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox adopted the name "Red Sox" as their official name late in 1907. Prior to the change, the Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans.

What was the Red Sox team name before 1907?

The Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans until 1908, when they changed their name to the Red Sox (or sometimes the Red Socks or Red Stockings).

How did the Boston Red Sox gets the name?

the red sox got their name from the first ever major league baseball team; the cincinatti red stockings

What was the Red Sox old team name?

The Boston Red Sox used to be called the Boston Braves.

What is the origanal name of the Boston Red Sox?

Red Stockings

Where did the name Red Sox derive from?

from wearing red socks

Where did the White Sox get their name?

The name White Sox came from sports writers from the Chicago Tribune who used the term "Sox" as a shortened version of their original name: The Chicago White Stockings. The White Sox are one of the original teams of the American League founded in 1901. and the White Stockings was changed to the White Sox by 1904. The Red Sox were originally the Boston Americans and did not adopt the name Red Sox until 1908. Therefore, The White Sox are the ORIGINAL Sox team. Not The Red Sox.

What was the name of the Boston Red Sox original Pudge?

Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk was the original Pudge.

What year did the Red Sox actually wear red socks for the first time?

The FIRST Red Sox with red socks were in 1908 when the team adopted the name Red Sox and took over the color red from the Boston Nationals.

What was the name of the Boston red socks?

its called the boston red sox

Name of sox stadium?

The White Sox play at U.S. Cellular Field and The Red Sox play at Fenway.

Was there a Boston Red Sox player by the name of John Martin Jones?

Don't believe so. I can't find any record of a Red Sox player by that name.

Why are there two red socks on the symbol of the Red Sox?

becasue sox, is a plural, meaning more then one. Americans don't write sock they write sox, but you cant have 1 sox, umless sox is ur cats name

How did the Boston Red Sox get their team name?

from the Indians the red socks oh and hi

Phillies or Red Sox?

red sox

What is the name of the Red Sox mascot?

Wally the Green Monster

What is the name of the stadium where the Red Sox play?

Fenway Park

What is the name of the Boston baseball team?

The Boston Red Sox

What is the name of Boston's baseball team?

Boston red sox

What is the name of the the famed Boston baseball franchise?

Red Sox.

How much is a Red Sox Vintage Bobble head doll worth if the name on the uniform is spelled wrong instead of it spelled Red Sox it is spelled Red Xos?

1,000,000,000$ :)

Was the name Boston Red Stockings to long to fit on the jerseys?

No. Actually, there name was never the Red Stockings, only the Red Sox and Braves.

In what year did the team first adopt the team name Red Sox?

The American League team in Boston was officially nicknamed the Red Sox in 1908.

How do I write to the Red Sox Players?

[Player Name] c/o Boston Red Sox 4 Yawkey Way Boston, MA 02215

How many years have the Boston Red Sox been around for?

The Boston Red Sox have been around since 1901. They were a charter team in the American League when it became a major league in 1901. Between 1901-1907, the Red Sox were known as the Americans. The name was changed to Red Sox in 1908.