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they had a common enemy Germany

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Q: How did the Soviet Union become allied with the US during the World War 2?
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Was the Soviet Union an Allied country?

During WW II, the Soviet Union was one of the allied countries which helped to defeat Nazi Germany.

Why did the Soviet Union join the allied powers during WW2?

The Soviet Union joined the Allied Powers during WW2 because Germany, who were supposed to be their ally, invaded part of the Soviet Union so they wanted to get their land back so they joined the Allied Powers.

Why did the Soviet Union declare neutrality?

The soviet Union was not neutral during World War 2, it was part of the Allied forces.

Who was allied with the Soviet Union during World War 2?

During WW II, the Soviet Union was allied with Britain, France, and the US. Germany at the beginning just for conquering and dividing Poland but were rivals.

Was the Soviet Union an axis power or allied power?

The soviet Union was an axis AND allied power.

How did the soviet union become an Allied power?

Simply because they shared a common enemy.

Who were the biggest allied powers during World War 2?

The United Kingdom and its empire, The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union)

Why did Hungary and Romania become satellites of the soviet union?

During the WW2 these countries were occupied by Soviet Union army.

What best describes the U.S. foreign policy of containment used during the Cold War?

the us hoped to become more allied with the soviet union

Which side did russia join during World War 2?

The Soviet Union was on the Allied side.

Were the United States and the Soviet Union allies during the civil war?

No. The Soviet Union did not exist in the mid nineteenth century. Russia was friendly toward the US, but not allied with them.

Who was Fidel Castro allied with?

The Soviet Union

What were the three major allies of Germany during World War 2?

the three major allies for germany was japan, italy and soviet union.... but soviet union went to the allied powers after hitler betrayed stalin (soviet union)

Which two countries were allied during World War 2 but NOT after the war?

United States, Soviet Union

Who were the leaders of the major allied powers during ww2?

Soviet Union, United States, & United Kingdom

Which allied power captured Berlin?

The Soviet Union

What was Great Britain France the Soviet Union and the US called during World War 2?

Allied forces.

What was the goal of the US during the Cold War?

To prevent Soviet incursion into European allied nations and to prevent any invasion of United States by the Soviet Union.

Why did the Soviet Union decide to fight on the allied side?

The Soviet Union had originally signed a non-aggression pact with Germany, but Hitler broke the pact and invaded the Soviet Union.

Was kazakhstan a allied power a neutural power or an axis power during world war 2?

It was part of soviet union.

Who are North Korea allied with?

During the Korean war they were supported by China and the soviet union (the two major communist powers)

What nations were once closely allied with the Soviet Union?


The major allied powers were the US Britain and?

The Soviet Union

Was Russia part of the axis?

No, the soviet union was on the allied side.

Which allied nation captured Berlin in 1945?

the soviet union