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The allies instead of providing a peace settlement based on the 14 point plan as Germany had though instead made the treaty very humiliating with the aim of keeping the Germans down.

The key points of the treaty that contributed to the conditions in Germany that lead to the rise of National Socialism are;

1. The war guilt clause

2. £6,600mil to be paid in reparations

3. Disarmament, The Rhineland was demilitarized the size of the army was limited, the navy was only allowed a handful of pre dreadnoughts and minor ships, as well as no air force and no submarines

4. Anschluss was forbidden and 14% of its land lost as well as all of Germany's colonies.

The war guilt clause angered many Germans and fueled the fires of the "stab in the back" conspiracy's theory.

Reparations made Germany poor, because of this many tended towards far right or far left parties. Failure to pay resulted in the french invasion of the Rhur region in 1923 further increasing hate for the treaty and the french.

The reduction of Germany's armed forces was also key for several reasons

1. It was highly embarrassing especially to a country that had years earlier been the greatest land power in the world. And to a very militaristic/ nationalistic country.

2. The weakening of the army meant that it was unable to control the militaristic wings of the Nazi and Communist parties forcing Papen to cut a deal with Hitler.

Hitler used the pretext of reuniting Germany to get back land and to attract votes.

The harshness of Versailles also made many conservatives in Britain and France feel sorry for Germany combined with war weariness and the fear of communism lead to the policy of appeasement.

It was too hard on Germany in requiring money to be paid by Germany to the allies.

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Q: How did the Treaty of Versailles help cause World War 2?
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Why did the league of nations help cause World War 2?

it didnt the treaty of Versailles did

A treaty that help sow the seeds for world war 2?

the Versailles treaty

How did the Treaty of Versailles help cause ww2?

because the treaty solved non of the major problems which caused the great war.

How did the treaty of versailes help cause world war 2?

This question has been answered hundreds of time. Read the answer on the question link below for a good answer of how the Versailles Treaty caused World War 2.

Did the Versailles treaty help to rebuild Germany after World War 2?

I think it actually was the cause of a major loss to Germany, though it was signed to help Germany and other countries.

How did the term of the Treaty of Versailles help lead to world war 2?

it ended in world war 1

How did the Treaty of Versailles help end World War 2?

The treaty of Versailles did nothing of the sort!! It was the culmination of lengthy peace talks after the first world war between the Allies, to decide how badly Germany should be punished.

How did a treaty help prevent war?

The Treaty of Versailles did not prevent war but rather provoked war. World War 1 led to World War 1 because of that treaty and the venom the Germans held toward that treaty.

What did the harsh conditions imposed by the treaty of Versailles after World War 1 help initiate?

The rise of fascism in Germany.

Did the Treaty of Versailles help Hitler?

yes it did help hitler because it gave him a chance to build an army and violate the treaty

How did the Nazis help start World War 2?

The Nazis invaded Poland and violated the Treaty of Versailles. This sparked World War 2.

League of Nations and Treaty of Versailles?

I know that the Treaty of Verailles ended world war 1. I really dont know what the differences are between the two. Can someone help me?

How did the Treaty of Versailles help lead to the rise of Hitler?

The Treaty of Versailles was the final agreement reached at the end of World War I. Many of its conditions were considered unfair to the Germans, and so the Germans resented the Treaty. Hitler was able to feed off of this public resentment when he was gathering support.

How did the end of ww1 with the Versailles treaty help cause World War 2?

The Versailles Treaty humiliated the German People. Germany was forced to give up territories and it could not field an army. When Adolf Hitler rose to power he wanted to restore Germany's former glory. He managed to peacefully acquire Czechoslovakia and Austria. Poland was not that easy so he invaded it. This triggered the Second World War.

How did the Treaty of Versailles help the Armenians?

The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to give up its influence in the Ottoman region, which included Armenia. The Treaty of Sevres was meant to specifically establish peace between the Ottomans and the Allies, but it was never signed.

How did Wilson help bring about the senate's rejection of the treaty of Versailles?

Wilson refused to compromise

How did the teaty of Versailles help set up the causes and reasons for World War 2?

Because it wrongly blamed Germany for starting the war. Literally forced the country's government to accept the blame for the cause of WW1. Because of this anger (and it was undoubtedly ONLY because of the Treaty of Versailles), a couple of fanatics took to power.

What are the differences between the Treaty of Versailles and the Marshall Plan?

The difference is that the Treaty of Versailles was to help Germany repair itself after the Great War. The Marshall plan was to give Germany $12 billion to help it get in order to not start another war and try to help Germany so they would not get so conceided.

How did the treaty of the Versailles help Hitler get the power?

Hitler held on to the Treaty of Versailles and used it to convince the rest of Germany that the Allied Powers were to blame. He basically said that Germany should take revenge on Britain for the damages Britain did to them.

Why did the treaty of Versailles and the lack of American involvement in the league of nation help create world war 2?

It is completely irrelevant as Germany would have attacked Poland anyway.

How did the treaty of Versailles help start World War 2?

The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I. The war caused a lot of damage to people and property. Then the treaty made Germany pay for damages. This caused a world wide depression because Germany didn't have the money to pay for the damages. People were starving and fighting for bread. Hitler blamed the problems on the Jews. Hitler also got the economy going by military spending and then invading nearby countries.

What happen at the end of the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles is basically charging the Germans 30 billion dollars and other turmoils. The Germans were looking for a new leader that would help them get back on track and thats why Adolf Hitler came into power.

How did the Treaty of Versailles help Hitler?

Treaty of Versailles was monumental in the rise of Adolf Hitler from a struggling military officer to Fuhrer of the Third Reich. The Treaty of Versailles in the mind of the Germans stabbed them in the back, especially the guilt clause that made them take blame for the First World War. Hitler capaitalized on these sentiments and used them to rally the German people. This is made obvious in his books Mein Kampf and its unamed sequel. Another example is found in Triumph of the Will, in one of the speeches made during the movie. Without the Treaty of Versailles Germany would not have been in bad shape to begin with, thus not needing Hitler and second without it, Hitler would have lost a major public relations tool.

How did war reparations in germany help cause World War 2?

The Treaty of Versailles (1919) which marked the end of WWI was a punishing and vindictive treaty for Germany. Under the terms of the treaty, in addition to losing her possessions, Germany was to pay "reparations". It posed a crippling debt for a country struggling to recover from defeat. It gave Hitler a rallying point. The German people were repressed and without hope after WWI, and Hitler gave them hope for a future, if they followed him. He appealed to their sense of national pride, extolling them to get up off their knees and stand proud and take their rightful place among the leaders of the world. Look up Treaty of Versailles. The French particularly insisted upon the strongest punitive measures, demanding that the region of Alsace-Lorraine be ceded to them. It led directly to WWII.

What went wrong with the treaty of Versailles?

The three leaders of the Paris Peace Conference who was Woodrow Wilson, Geroge Clemeceau, and Llyld george all wanted something different from the treaty of Versailles. France wanted revenge, USA wanted a actual peace that would last a long time, and Britain actually wanted to help Germany because it was an important trading partner. This led to the vagueness of the treaty which made it ineffective. Germany started to ignore the treaty after some time.

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