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they didn't it was the canadians and the Rusians

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An armistice, signed on July 27, 1953

Kennedy did not stop World War Three because it never started. He may have helped prevent another world war but that is hard to determine. It is certain that he did not start one, even though at the time he seemed to bring the US to the brink of war with the USSR. Now, it seem likely that the Russians were no more eager to go to war than the US was.

The Axis Powers were defeated.

man power, the will to fight, win the war.

Germany declared war on the USA after Japan bombed Pearl harbor bringing the us into the war.

WW2 World War II. The Japanese were the aggressors, the bomb was to stop the war

they atom-bombed hiroshima and nagasaki

They atom-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Japanese bombed pearl harbor

Everything. The US did not ship anything to Japan during the war, we were enemies!

they did something with an atomic bomb

Americans were shocked at the casualties inflicted in World War II and did not want to know, or experience what a second world war would bring.

The Pearl harbour attack did not start the second world war - but as it was an un-provoked attack by Japanese Forces on US territory it did bring the US into the war.

By defeating the Axis powers, with help from several allies.

Because of the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of AustriaThe assassination of Archduke Ferdinand started WW I, but it did not bring the US into the war. The US came in after repeated sinkings of civilian ships, including the Lusitania, and the discovery that the Germans were attempting to bring Mexico into the war on their side.

It affect the Commonwealth of the Philippines by the Japanese Era. The Japanese bring the World War II to the U.S, they bombed the Pearl Harbor which is the U.S property. They bring the war to the U.S, the war affect us because we are property and part of the U.S that time.

Victory over an incredible Tyranny that were the Axis Powers.

Smallpox originated in "the Old World" (Eurasia and Africa) and was brought to "the New World" (the Americas) by Europeans. So, basically, no. US troops didn't "bring smallpox to Europe" because it was already there.

Vietnam showed the world that the US would sacrifice it's blood to stop the spread of communism. It also showed the world that it could lose a war.

It brought more jobs because of the production of war supplies and helped bring America out of the great depression.