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Q: How did the US find enough people to serve in the military during the Vietnam War?
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What years was the military draft in effect?

During WWII and Vietnam. Yes, during WWII and the Vietnam War, but to be more general, the military draft is used whenever the U.S. does not have enough voluntary recruits (meaning, when there are not enough volunteers). So, it could be argued that the military draft is used to "force" people into the army to defend their country. It has not been employed since the early 1970's.

What effect was on people of Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

As with most wars, it mainly effected the families that suffered losses. However, in Vietnam's case, it affected anyone facing the military draft.

How did Congress ensure that the military had enough troops to fight the war?

It depends on which war you're referring to, but the Congress has the authority to instate the "draft", where people are forced to join the military. The draft was last used in Vietnam.

Favored stronger military action in Vietnam?

Hawks which were the people who were for war including the Vietnam war.

What monument was erected in DC in hon or of the people who died during the war in Vietnam?

The Vietnam Memorial

What is Vietnam people work habits?

During the war, just like everybody else; farming and opening up their stores in the morning. Except for the young men...they were being drafted into the military.

What was the communist Vietnam gov called during the Vietnam War?

The People's Republic of Viet Nam. (PAVN)

How many people died during the Vietnam war in North Korea?

Korea and Vietnam were separate wars.

How long is the flight from Vietnam to Tokyo?

Long enough to have sex with three people.

How many people died during the Vietnam war?

a lot

Why did so many people opposed the Vietnam war?

Some people were against the Vietnam War because young men were being drafted to fight in the war.

How did the Tet Offensive impact the American people and thus the military?

it seemed to prove that America was not winning in Vietnam.