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President Roosevelt signed the Lend-Lease program,sending supplies and weapons over to the British ,such as the M3 Grant tank,the M4 Sherman tank,the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk just to name a few.The Americans also sent over some volunteer pilots to help the RAF fight the Luftwaffe during the battle of Britian(they formed the famous EAGLE SQUADRON).The weapons that the U.S.A. sent to the British were used to help throw out the German Afrika Korps out of Egypt and Libya using British and American lend-lease weapons(the Brits also used B-25 mitchell medium bombers) in the desert war.

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Did Russians help Britain fight the Germans in d-day?

No, the Russian had an eastern front fighting the Germans.............

Why did Italy and Japan help Germany fight in the world war 2?

cos they thought the Germans were on the right or "winning" side. Both were convinced that the Germans were stronger than Britain and France.(followed by America.)

Did Great Britain rule Greece?

no. they just helped by suppliying them with guns and other weapons to help fight off the germans.

Why did Britain have no allies in 1938?

Well they did have Allies because back in world war 1 they asked us and we agreed so then we help them fight the Germans and we would've some say they would of lost the war if we didn't help them

Why did men volunteer to fight in war?

Men in world war one were volunteering to fight in war because they thought it was their duty to help out the mother country.( Britain). They thought that if they protected Britain then in times of need Britain would help to protect Australia.

How did the US help Britain in World War 2?

By sending them aid and helping them fight against Ger.

Why was the Lusitania sunk?

The Lusitania was sunk because the Germans thought that it was carring more than just passengers. The Germans thought that Great Britain were smuggling in weapons to help them fight the war. There were American passengers on the ship and when the Germans sunk it that pushed USA sentiment towards anti-germanism

Why did Great Britain entered World War 2?

the Germans invaded Poland a country they were going to pretect but they could not do that because the Germans block them so they entered ww2 because they could not help Poland

How did Britain get Ireland to help them in world war 2?

The Irish Free State gave no help to the UK to fight the Nazis, although some Irishmen decided to join the fight as a personal decision.

Did Britain help France in world war 1?

No, France gave in to Germany, and Germany then took over France. We did not help them. Not in World War I, the war the question asks about. Britain joined France in its fight againt Germany during the first World War.

Why did the Caribbeans come to Britain?

1) They came to help fight in the world war 1. 2) They came to find employment.

Did Canada fight Russia during world war 2?

No, Canada did not fight Russia in Worl War 2. They fought together with the help of great britain, against germany.

Did Germany help the colonist against Britain?

Germany didn't exist as a country back then. It was part of the Holy Roman Empire. Germans did fight in the war, however, some on the side of the British and some on the side of the colonists.

Why did great Britain fight in World War 2?

Once the Nazi's attacked Poland they were forced to Help because of Treatys and Packs they had made with this country and others to Help if ATTACKED.

Why didn't Great Britain help USA in the Pacific War?

Britain's Navy was busy in the Atlantic and Britain was very busy fighting the Germans in Europe.

Who are the British Loyalists?

They are colonists that wanted to help Britain although they thought Britain was harsh. They are the opposite of patriots, who wanted to fight Britain and be independent.

Who was fighting with Britain in world war 2?

Britain Thought mainly In Europe to help the French as they were being defeated by the Germans, this is because if they did not help they would have control of their docks and be able to attack us from a different angle. We also sent people abroad as well to help out in Africa and the outgoing wars with America and Japan.

Roosevelt decided to invade morocco and Algeria in order to?

help the British troops fight the Germans in Egypt

Congress passed the lend lease act to?

Help Britain fight Germany

American revolution had what to do with the Great Britain?

Great Britain was taxing the colonies to help fight a war fought on foreign shores.

Did the Irish republican army help the Germans during the war?

yes, indirectly, but only in Great Britain & Ireland

Why did'NT the Nazis win the battle of Britain?

Because the Britains had radar that could help the Britains know when the Germans where coming. Secondly, Britain is far away from the europe land mass, and had the sea in between making hard for the Germans to get across.

Why might Germany face battles on both its eastern andd western borders?

Lets say when the Germans are helping 1 then 2 the 1 can turn over and start fight them, and then the Germans will have the numbers 2 to help them to win the fight!!

Who helped America in World War 1?

America actually joined in to help it's allies. The United States of America joined with Britain, France and Russia to to fight in World War I.

How did Winston Churchill's speeches help the country?

Winston Churchill's speeches inspired the British to continue to fight in World War II, even though they were being bombed daily by the Germans.