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How did the US participate in World War 1?

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April 16, 2015 4:21PM

The United States primary contribution to the Allied war effort

in the First World War was sending troops to France to fight the

Germans. The US supplied most of the transport & merchant

shipping to move the troops. The US also supplied escort ships for

these convoys. The US also supplied food, ammunition, and other

supplies to the Allies. Although the US Navy sent ships to operate

with the British Royal Navy, there were very few that engaged in

combat. There was very extensive ground combat for American Army

& the few Marine troop sent to France. They used both American,

British & French equipment. American pilots were trained in

France to fly French-made aircraft (some British-made aircraft were

also used). No American made aircraft were used in the war in


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April 14, 2015 9:39PM

When the US joined with France and England in WW 1, it added

strength to the Allied forces by sending troops and warplanes to

England and France. It also helped the war effort by the use of its

navy in the Atlantic Ocean.

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