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Q: How did the Wiggles get their name?
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What is the name of the dog on the wiggles?


What is the dog's name in Wiggles?

Wags the Dog.

What is the octopus's name in Wiggles?

Henry the Octopus.

What is the dinosaur's name in Wiggles?

Dorothy the Dinosaur.

What is the name of the octopus from the wiggles?

Henry the Octopus

What is a good name for a caterpillar?

Roger or Wiggles

What is the pirates name on the wiggles?

Captain feathersword

What is the name of the police woman in the wiggles?

Officer Beaples

What is the name of a cancelled TV show about 4 men?

The Wiggles. They ran on Playhouse Disney from June 17th, 2002 to May 24th, 2009.

What is the wiggles phone number?

What is the wiggles' phone number

When was The Wiggles created?

The Wiggles was created in 1991.

Is the wiggles exhibition still on?

The Wiggles Exhibition is still on. the Wiggles Exhibit goes from September 2011- September 2013

How jeff on the wiggles?

The wiggles wake up Jeff

Did Jeff wiggles die?

Jeff from the wiggles was supposed to proform after the rays game in Florida but got really sick and is now in the hospital in sydney and mow there is a new member playing him his name is Brandon

What are the release dates for The Wiggles The Series - 1999 The Wiggles Blown Too Much?

The Wiggles The Series - 1999 The Wiggles Blown Too Much was released on: USA: 13 July 2006

How do you spell wiggles?

That is the correct spelling of the word "wiggles" (squirms).

When was The Wiggles - album - created?

The Wiggles - album - was created in 1991.

When was Wiggles World created?

Wiggles World was created in 2005.

Is wiggles a good name for a pug?

no that is not sorry try king or some thing else

What are the wiggles first names?

The Wiggles are Murray, Jeff, Anthony, and Greg.

What is the next wiggles video?

The Next wiggles video is Surfer Jeff.

What rhymes with giggles?

niggles wiggles 1. wiggles

Did one of the Wiggles commit suicide?

No None of the Wiggles killed themselves

What is the duration of The Wiggles Movie?

The duration of The Wiggles Movie is 1.38 hours.

Who is the tour promoter for the wiggles?

The tour promoter for The Wiggles is Blaine Brinton. The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991.