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The land was rocky and hilly so they had to grow plants like olives and grapes which could grow in rocky soil

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The Ancient Greeks Adapted Their Farming Techniques To Their Environment By Making Labor Efficient, They Grew Olives, Grapes, And Grain At The Same Time. Each Required Hard Work At Different Seasons.

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by fsrming

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Q: How did the ancient Greece adapt their farming techniques to their environment?
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What animals were used for farming in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece had cattle, goats, chickens and sheep as domesticated animals.

What were the tools the ancient Greeks used for farming?

the farming tools that people used in (ancient) Greece were hoes, sythes, and plows.

What society did terrace farming take place?

ancient Greece

What was one way ancient Greece did not grow strong?


What is culture areas?

an advanced culture where people have developed cities, farming, science and industries; examples are Aztecs, Incas, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and ancient Greece. :):)

What are the techniques for hunting in ancient Greece?

you lured bunny rabbits with apple pie

How did the environment affect the people in ancient Greece?

In ancient times , Greece nwas not one united or unified country because of the mountains. How did ... How does human development affect the environment?

What kind of food did ancient Greece grow?

Ancient Greece had lots of rocks and very little soil that was good for farming. However they did grow barley, olives and grapes.

What goods and services were produced in ancient Greece?

Pottery is an example of goods and services that was product in ancient Greece. Farming and manufacturing were two well known industries in ancient Greece.

What was a typical day for citizens in each city in ancient Greece?

for some cities it was mostly farming

Why is only 20 percent of Greece good for farming?

because the ancient greek mitholigy were excellent farmers

Why did ancient Greece not farm very much?

Greece is a very mountainous place. The only large areas suitable for farming are in Thessaly and in central Macedonia.