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they used the olympic torch

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Q: How did the ancient greek prepere FOR the Olympic?
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What were the ancient greek games called?

The ancient Greek Olympics

How old could they be to compete in the Ancient Greek Olympic Games?

You had to be 7 or older to compete in the Ancient Greek Olympic games

Ancient greek Olympic stadium?

The ancient Greeks did different games to our Olympic games

What were the ancient greek's olympic symbols?

the ancient Greek Olympic symbol was five different coloured wreaths exactly positioned like the ones now.

Who invented the Ancient Greek Olympic Games?

a child

How did Greeks get to the ancient Greek Olympic games?

They walked

Who created the first Olympic game?

the ancient greek's

Where is the ancient Greek olympic village?

i think you are wondering about mount Olympus, witch is where the ancient Greek Olympics were held.

What are five facts about ancient Greece olympic equestrian games?

One fact - there were no ancient Greek Olympic Equestrian Games

Who discovered gymnastic?

The ancient greek when they started the olympic games.

What were the names of the ancient Greek Olympic athletes?

poo nanny

Where was the Ancient Greek Olympic Games?

In Olympia, southeast of Greece.

What did the ancient Olympic games indicate on the Greek society?


What was the all the ancient greek games?

Nemean, Isthmian and Olympic

Which Greek God were the ancient Olympic games held in honor of?

the greek god zeus

Who could take part in the ancient Greek Olympic Games?

Male Greek citizens.

Which ancient Greek city was host to the ancient Olympic Games?

Elis in southern Greece.

What are the names of the ancient Greek Olympic sports?

The ancient Greek Olympic sports were mostly throwing events like javlin. They also had running and long jump and high jump.

Who were the ancient greek olympic judges?

the ancient Greek o;Olympic judges were Greeks from Elis, because they were trust worthy and anyone would be shocked if an Elean was caught cheating.

When did the ancient greek games begin?

The first ancient Greek Olympic Games took place in 776 BC in Olympia.

What did the ancient greecs do in the Olympics?

competed in the olympic games of determining how great someone is, an example of an ancient greek olympic sport was the discus

Who were the first Olympic games held in honor of?

The ancient Olympics were in honor of the ancient Greek gods.

In the ancient Greece olympic what sports were there?

Ancient Greek Olympic sports included footraces, wrestling, pentathlon, javelin, discus, and chariot racing.

Who took part in the greek ancient Olympic games?

bog off

Why were the Olympic games held at Olympia?

to honour the ancient greek gods