How did the atomic bomb affect people?

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People not killed outright got injured with deep burns, as well as cuts and bruises. Later on rain fell and it was radioactive. Radiation caused vomiting, nausia, headache, and a loss of white blood cells.
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How did the atom bomb affect the world?

First and foremost it ushered in the atomic age, with all of its pros and cons. In addition, the two bombs saved many lives in the USA, but killed around 140,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki by the end of 1945. The estimates for an allied invasion of Japan were into the millions of cas ( Full Answer )

How did the atom bomb affect Japan?

Answer . Land and water was contaminated by the fallout which looked like black rain. People were badly burned and even those that weren't developed tumours and defects which either killed them or caused defects in the next generation. Apart from the destruction and deaths Japan surrendered to ( Full Answer )

How did the atomic bomb affect the world?

The BOMB as we knew in the 50s, 60s, and 70s has changed everything from its first use in Japan until today where we are deathly afraid of some terrorist getting a hold of one.

How did the atomic bomb affect the economy?

Answer . It was a costly enterprise. Estimated at around two billion dollars from beginning to V-J Day. It also created jobs and a major military-industrial complex.

How did the atomic bomb affect japan?

Profoundly. It destroyed 2 cities, and killed thousands of people- injured tens of thousands. It ended the war with the Allies.

How did dropping the atomic bomb affect the world?

It had in affeact on the people in japan they ended up having nothing they lot ther family houses and everything they worked for all their lives, and lot the great city. America they had lotz of money to pay for the making of the atomic bomb and also they had to help rebuild the japan city they harm ( Full Answer )

How many people died in the atomic bombings?

Around 100,000 were killed instantly in Hiroshima and some 70,000 were killed instantly in Nagasaki. However with radiation poisoning as well as injuries sustained during the attack, the body count reached between 350,000 - 400,000 lives.

How has the invention of atomic bombs affected your society?

Answer . these crimminals who won ww2 and boast about war crime have infected the milk of every mother of every mammal on earth with strontium 90 while pontificating on the petty crimes of the Reich they have poisioned all children and coninue to make more deadly bacteria gas and virus weapons, t ( Full Answer )

What do atomic bombs do to people?

That depends on a person's proximity to the hypocenter of the blast. The further away you are, even from a very large bomb, generally the better off you are, but there are many, many mitigating factors. If you were at Hiroshima, Japan on the morning of August 6, 1945, and you happened to be stand ( Full Answer )

Were people against dropping the atomic bombs?

Do you mean before the fact? First off, very few people were aware of the existence of the atomic bombs. Second, of those who did know, most did not have first-hand knowledge of how powerful the bombs actually were. Third, because it was probably the best kept secret of the war, even less people got ( Full Answer )

Who was affected by the Atomic Bomb?

The immediate effects were on the cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki; they were destroyed. The after effect was on the WHOLE WORLD; Man had entered the "Atomic-Age" and the "Cold War."

What does people think about atomic bomb?

its a bomb that's atomic =) and blows up stuff. hope that helps first of all its what DO people think of the atomic bomb ^-^ any ways the atomic bomb astonished everyone (exept scientists) it very amazing >.

How does the atomic bomb affect foreign policy?

The first authoritative explanation of how and why it was decided to use the bomb came in February 1947 from Henry L. Stimson, wartime Secretary of War and the man who more than any other was responsible for advising the President in this matter. [3] This explana- [1] The study that follows was pub ( Full Answer )

How does an atomic bomb affect the people around it?

The damage from a nuclear bomb depends upon how close you are to the point of detonation and the yield of the bomb. For a 1 Megaton bomb, the immediate effects are: . Instantaneous death: 2.5 Km . Immediate immersion in whole-body fire: 10 Km . Third degree burns: 12 Km . Second degree burns: 1 ( Full Answer )

How did the atomic bomb affect Japan's economy?

The atomic bomb made Japan's economy temporarily collapse, but, with the help of the United States, got back on it's feet. See it as if a person punched some-one, but then helped them back up. Japan lost many farms, which made the stock market branch in farming collapse. Nagasaki was a major industr ( Full Answer )

Was Indonesia affected by the atomic bomb?

\nNo, an atomic bomb is not that big! The only thing that oculd have happened was some form of radiation fallout could have blown across the sea (which is what happed at Chenobyl)

What were the effects of the atomic bomb on the people in nagasaki?

Buildings collapsed. Electrical systems were shorted. A wave of secondary fires resulted, adding to their holocaust. Flash burns from primary heat waves caused most of the casualties to inhabitants. Others were burned when their homes burst into flame. Flying debris caused many injuries. A fire st ( Full Answer )

How does the atomic bomb help people?

The atomic bomb helped peopole know more about radiation poisining and helped in the advancements in neuclear energy.

What size of land was affected by atom bomb?

The nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and on Nagasaki at the end of World War II caused a radius of total destruction of about one mile (1.6 km), with resulting fires across 4.4 square miles (11.4 km²).

Did any people survive the Atomic bomb?

I THINK I KINDA KNOW: Well, I did read a book about the atomic bomb. It's called Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes . In it, a girl named Sadako and her family which survives the atom bomb realize that Sadako has leukemia from the radiation the atomic bomb gave off. Sadako's best friend tells h ( Full Answer )

How do atomic bombs affect us today?

Atomic bombs would not be used today because they are outdated and have been replaced by nuclear and hydrogen bombs. The only affect the atomic bomb has on us today was the build up of arms and technology that took place after its creation in the 40s.

What are the affects of an atomic bombs?

It destroys everthing, like it did to Hiroshima.. A disease that if touched with human flesh, or living skin, can cause serious illness and kill you. :P

What were the after affects of the atomic bombing in nagasaki?

According to the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the population in Japan in October 1940 was estimated to be 73,114,308; in November 1945 the population was estimated at 71,998,104. Japan was visibly a thriving country that was hit very hard by the bombing.

Did the atomic bomb melt people?

it depends most people did actually die from being melted due to the heat of the bomb . Peace out . Most people did not "melt" the inital blast killed many, and the burning caused by the heat killed many more, people do not "melt" as there chemical composistions are very complex making it almost i ( Full Answer )

How did the atom bomb affect Japanese people?

It saved millions of Japanese civilian lives that would have been lost in the planned year long invasion of Japan, had the bomb not forced the leaders to surrender.

Does water affect the atomic bomb?

yes Because they made a nuclear device inside it and if it touched waer i evaporates and blows up bigger than its explosion.

Why people used atomic bombs?

WWII was a very difficult time; Americans and Australian's were badly mistreated, used as slaves (having to build the 'Death Railway' which the Japanese needed to transport supplies is a good example) and Stalags were not places that you could feel safe from being away from the Russian Front. Infact ( Full Answer )

What was the disease that people got from atom bomb?

There are a number of different diseases people got from the atom bomb, apart from broken bones, burns, and so on. The first long term problem to show itself was radiation sickness. This is characterized by loss of hair, nausea, loss of energy, and a number of other symptoms. After those who recover ( Full Answer )

How did bombing of Britain affect people?

The bombing by Germans/Japan in Britain affected us alot because they bombed the strongest cities- e.g the ones who supplied the most for our army. The capital London was also a massive hit. Everybody has blackout times when they had to literally turn off every single light, close their curtains whe ( Full Answer )

What are the affects of atom bomb?

Damage wize: Besides the overall destruction from the shockwave and flames, there is radiation poisoning, acid rain, and even blindness from looking at the explosion. Social and Eonomic wize: Widespread damage and death that will hurt the economy, and take lots of money to repair.

How does the atomic bomb affect humans?

first of all, there are many chemicals in the bomb, which affects the lungs greatly. people now that dealed with them, are developing problems.

How does an atomic bomb affect the world psychologically?

According to the Hippocratic Oath, every physician pledges to serve his or her neighbor and save what life could be saved. For physicians and medical workers all over the world, the struggle for a world free of nuclear weapons is natural and logical. The World Health Organization wrote in a 1983 rep ( Full Answer )

How did the atom bomb affect the people in japan?

Many men, women, and children were affected. Many died from the explosion and put thousands in the hospital. If you read "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes", it will explain how the atomic bomb affected the Chinese.

Did the atomic bomb affect the outcome of the war?

Yes, it almost certainly brought the war to a quicker end. . Yes, it avoided the postwar partitioning of Japan intocommunist and democratic sectors. . No, it was already clearly determined that Japan had alreadylost the military ability to win the war.

Why should people care about the atomic bomb?

People should care about the atomic bomb attack because that is howWWII ended. It's a big deal considering that America was onceallies with Japan and now they turn on the American citizens, soAmerica decided to turn back on them and drop the Atom Bomb, or"Atomic Bomb".

How did the atomic bomb affect the cold war?

As a matter of fact, it didn't affect the cold war, it created it.When ww2 ended, russia wanted to keep some land in the pacific. Butwhen they learned of the destruction that the US caused in Japan,they let the tension low and avoided a conflict. They begun thearms race and the cold war escalated..