How did the aztecs survive?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: How did the aztecs survive?
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How did the Aztecs survive after Cortes wiped them out?

they didnt

Did Cortes need to be ruthless in order to survive or could he have trusted the Aztecs?

No he was gready.

How did the Aztecs survive and live?

Think, then see if you still need too ask that question.

Why was it a challenge for the Aztecs to build a city in the middle of lake texcoco?

so it was very hard for them because they had no food or water and they needed this to survive

How did ancient South America survive disease?

they didn't, all the Aztecs died fairly quickly because of new diseases from the Spanish like smallpox

What did the Aztecs do all day?

Aztecs did what Aztecs did best

What did the Aztecs do in their lives?


What did the Aztecs build?

The Aztecs Built Temples.

Why did the Aztecs convert into Christians?

The spanish that visited the aztecs with cortez invaded the aztecs and the spanish took over the aztecs after they invaded mexico city the aztecs became slaves for the spaniords

Who was stronger mayas or Aztecs?

The aztecs

Who used the Aztecs pyramids?

the Aztecs

Why did the Aztecs have a governor?

Who was the aztecs governor