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Bubonic Plague is spread by fleas in what is called as geometric proportion. When people started dying of plague, others fled to other towns. Some of them were in the incubation period and carried the disease to the next say ten towns.

When the phenomena got repeated, the number of towns was 10*10. In the next tern the number was 10*10*10. In the next tern the number was 10*10*10*10. In the next turn the number was 10*10*10*10*10. In the next turn the number was 10*10*10*10*10*10. Means 1,000,000.

Probably that number was equal to the number of villages and towns of the entire Europe.

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Q: How did the bubonic plague spread so quickly throughout Europe?
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How the plague spread throughout Europe?

The black (bubonic) plague was spread by fleas on rats.

How did the bubonic plague disease spread from Europe to Asia?

The bubonic plague started in Asia and spread to Europe.

Which type of plague was the worst on Europe?

the bubonic plague

Where did the bubonic plague occur?

the bubonic plague occurred in Europe about 400 years ago

Where is the Bubonic Plague originally from?


Where did bubonic plague originate from?


Where did most people die from the bubonic plague?

Most people died from the bubonic plague in Europe.

Where did the bubonic plague hit the hardest?


Where was the bubonic plague most prevalent?


Where did bubonic plague happen?

Most of europe.

Europe was devastated in 1348 by?

by the bubonic plague

Is the black death real?

An outbreak of bubonic plague that was pandemic throughout Europe and much of Asia in the 14th century.

What continent was affected by the bubonic plague?

Europe was affected by the bubonic plague but England didn't know about the U.S.A or Australia then so it was just Europe .

When was the arrival of the bubonic plague in Ancient Europe?

The Bubonic Plague Ended 1666 and then went to Eyam and lasted about a year there.

When did the bubonic plgue hit Europe?

The bubonic plague hit europe through the travel of sea trade

When did the bubonic plague hit Europe?

1300s.The bubonic plague hit Europe through the travel of sea tradeFrom around 1346 until 1353

How did the bubonic plague impact the formation of Europe?

The Bubonic Plague was brought across the Mediteranean to Italy and from there it spread throught Europe wiping out 33.3% of the continent.

What was the of people who died in Europe during the plague?

The plague that swept through Europe and killed thousands was the bubonic plague. The bubonic plague caused severe illness and death and was transmitted to humans by rat fleas.

Why did the bubonic plague have an effect on Europe?

It killed everyone...

What caused the Bubonic Plague in Europe?

Yersinia pestis

Who was effected by the bubonic plague?

like ALL of Europe!

What part of Europe did the bubonic plague affect?

All of it.

What disease did Europe get in the mid 1300s?

Bubonic Plague

What deadly plague swept through Europe in the 1300s?

I believe it was the Bubonic Plague

What plague did the vikings get?

The got the bubonic plague like nearly 40% of Europe did.