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it effected it by getting what they wanted. slavery to end.

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Q: How did the civil war effect industries in the north?
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What was the economy in north in the civil war?

became increasing industries

Durring the civil war did the north have the advantage of 90 percent of the country's industries?

Yes, during the Civil War the north had 90% of the county's manufacturing abilities.

Why did the north win the civil war and not the south?

Simply outnumbering in people, industries, and wealth.

What was the effect of the building of railroads in virginia after the civil war?

businesses, farms, and industries were able to expand

What effect did the War have on each north and south during the civil war?


What was true of the north during the war years?

During the Civil War the North had better manufacturing abilities. The superior industries was one reason the North finally won the war.

What effect did the Civil War have on the North and the South?

The Civil War had a huge effect on both the North and the South. In the South, many plantations and farms were destroyed and their owners were away fighting the war. In the North, women often took up jobs that were originally performed by their husbands.

What industries helped the north win the civil war?

guns, food, and shipment supplies basically all the supplies that were needed in a war.

Why did the North's population grow steadily in the years prior to the Civil War?

the population increased due to growing industries

How as the north after the civil war?

The Civil War propelled the northern industries into the age of the Robber Barons, the magnates of industry. American began its rise as an industrial wold power. Except for an economic crash or two, the North prospered.

Which was an effect of the Civil War?

Northern manufacturing industries prospered. The South's economy was nearly destroyed. Cotton prices dropped after the war. Cotton prices dropped after the war.

How did industries help the north during the civil war?

More factories meant more weapons and ammunition and military supplies.