Cold War

How did the cold war become global?

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How did the Cold War become globalized?

The Cold War was global from its inception. The USSR and the US were both large, powerful countries with global interests, so any conflict between the two would necessarily be global in scope.

How did World War 2 become a global war?

WW II became a global war because it was started by nations that had global ambitions; if you try to take over the whole world, you will have a global war.

Why did many countries choose to become nonaligned during the Cold War?

They wanted to avoid being drawn into conflicts between the global superpowers.

Emerging global community after cold war?

How would you explain the role of the U.S. in the Emerging Global Community

In what ways did the Korean War mark a turning point in the Cold War?

The Korean War was an active conflict while the Cold War was more of a standoff between global powers

In what ways did the Koren war marka turning point in the cold war?

The Korean War was an active conflict while the Cold War was more of a standoff between global powers

How did world war 1 become a global conflict?


Why did the US become of the Vietnam War?

Part of the cold war.

What was the global competition between the soviet union and the us called?

The Cold War

What event occurred in 1991 that changed the global landscape?

The end of the Cold War changed the global political landscape forever.

The Spanish and American War caused the US to become a?

A Global Power.

How did the Vietnam war become part of the cold war conflict?

Because it was fought against communists. The cold war was against communism.

How cold was it in Antarctica during the cold war?

Antarctic temperatures have been unaffected by wars, and only slightly by global warming.

How did Europe recover after the Cold War?

By doing what they are doing today, participating in global trade.

What was the global significance of the cold war?

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How did the Cold War affect the rest of the world outside of Europe?

By increasing global security

How did the war become a global conflict?

because of WW1 and WW2 was around the world

Did nuclear weapons help win the war against Russia during the Cold War?

No. Nukes created the cold war.Perhaps they kept the cold war cold, but they did not create it! Without them it is very likely it would have become a hot war before Stalin's death.

Why did the us become involved on the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war. A war against communism.

What effect did the end of the Cold War have on the global economy and multinational marketing?

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How did Word war Two become a global war?

War became global when all the alliances doubled. Then they started to send their other friends in the military, army, and other things. That is how world war 2 became global. They also go t everybody involved so that it was the world that was fighting in World War 2.

What did the Cuban Missile Crisis show about the Cold War?

That it could easily become a shooting war.

What was the treaty of the Cold War?

it made people become retarde legally

Why did the US become involved in armed conflict in Vietnam?

Cold war.

How would the cold war have been difffrent if neither side had possessed nuclear weapons?

I believe it would very likely become a hot war long ago, probably a conventional WW3. Nuclear weapons scared people a lot, but probably prevented another global war.

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