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Q: How did the colorado river make the grand canyon?
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How did the grand canyon create the Colorado river?

The Grand Canyon didn't make the Colorado River. The Colorado River was running through the Grand Canyon and was shaping the Grand Canyon.

Why did water erosion make the Grand Canyon?

The Colorado River carved out the Grand Canyon.

Did the Amazon River make the Grand Canyon?

No, it was the Colorado River.

What process formed the grandcayon?

the Colorado river eroded the land to make the grand canyon

Did an ice-glacier make the Grand Canyon?

No, it was created by water erosion from the Colorado River.

What could mechanical weathering make?

The Grand Canyon, which was caused by the mechanical weathering of the Colorado River.

How long did it take for Colorado River to make the Grand Canyon?

About 17 miillion years as we know it today.

What helped make the Grand Canyon?

A river

How does erosion change land?

Erosion can create canyons, like how the Colorado River Created the Grand Canyon. It can create sand (water continually hitting rocks, it will eventually make sand).

What is the Grand Canyon made of?

The Grand Canyon isn't really made "OF" anything... It was formed by The Colorado River's erosion on rock over time.Now the next time your dad tells you not to leave water running you should think of The Grand Canyon and how it was formed. You can get the idea of how erosion works by taking a garden hose and spraying a stream of water onto a dirt patch in your yard. You can make a pretty big hole in the ground by spraying it with a narrow stream setting on the hose. The Grand Canyon was form pretty much the same way, but over a very long time . There are places where the canyon floor is 1 mile deeper than the canyon rim. This was all accomplished by the Colorado River slowly eroding many layers of solid go make sure the hose is off!

How much did it cost to make the Grand Canyon?

It did not cost anything to make the grand canyon, asit was naturally made.

Did Evel Knievel make the Grand Canyon jump?

He never jumped the Grand Canyon.

How might one of the layers in the Grand Canyon form?

The water from the clorado river erodes the rock to make one of the rivers

How di they make the Grand Canyon?

I don't know who you think "they" are, but humans did not create the Grand Canyon.

What is America's?

its a content north & south of the equator or a country with with states including California, navada, Arizona, Colorado (the 1 with the mountains), new Mexico (witch in that order make the Colorado river until Arizona witch has the grand canyon but they r in that order), Ohio, Texas & St Lois. that enough of Americas

If the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon why are the rocks so jagged when they should be smooth from the force of the water?

Not all rocks are jagged. However the evolution of the river is continuous and 'rocks' are being broken-off all the time by the water, erosion, weather etc. Of course as 'rocks' are moved along by the force of the water that can make them 'jagged'.

Are there pictures of erosion?

Make a search for the Grand Canyon.

What effect did the Glen Canyon Dam have on Grand Canyon?

It made a big sound. It did not make a big sound the Glen Canyon Dam changed the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon. I had the same question for an assignment that I had for school. I found the answer in a book that I had. Hope it helped!

River Rafting Through the Grand Canyon?

More than four million people visit Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona every year for breathtaking views of a natural wonder that can’t be equaled. Some visitors go to hike the scenic trails or climb the roads that lead to the sky, while others prefer to take a helicopter ride to get a Panasonic view of the plateau. There are those more adventurous spirits that want to get a different view that people never get to see: the floor view of the canyon that sits 5000 feet below the rims with the Colorado River rushing through it. Why not experience the Grand Canyon on a fun river rafting expedition down the Colorado River? The Colorado River flows along the floor of the canyon deep below the rim and offers a world of intrigue and scenery that can’t be seen from high above. It takes two or three days to hike to the river and back from the North and South Rims, and two to three hours to drive down from the South Rim. The floor of the Grand Canyon is a different adventure however one reaches it, and the only real way to explore it is a river rafting expedition that winds through the twists and turns made by nature. The river has etched paths for its flow creating interesting rock formations, caves, tunnels and huge walls of scenery to view along the way. There are rapids, waterfalls and deep calm water that make up the 277 miles of river to explore. A Colorado River rafting expedition is an adventure that holds great memories and stories for a life time. There are many river rafting expeditions in the area to choose from, offering packages for the beginning rafter to the accomplished rafter, and the trips are planned accordingly for different sections of the river. There are trips for families and individuals, and most packages include lodging in the area or camping, necessary gear, and a guide or instructor to navigate the trip and provide help and safety. To find information online visit any website on The Grand Canyon tours or vacations, The Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Bureau.

What can a river do to a canyon that it flows through?

Make a lake.

When did they make the grand canyon sky bridge?

crack land

How long did it take to make the grand canyon?

4 year

How much money does the Grand Canyon make annually?


Who helped make the Grand Canyon a tourist attraction?

Theodore Roosevelt.

What 4 rocks that make up grand canyon walls?