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The South wanted to count slaves a people but not give them any rights. The North was more for rights, but if no rights, then no count. The government (House of Representatives) is filled by counting people in the State. So the compromise agreed upon fractionally counted Slaves as people with rights. Didn't give slaves any rights, but didn't give the Southern states all the power they wanted.

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Q: How did the compromise of 1850 attempt to deal with the most difficult issued concerning slavery?
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Which attempt to solve slavery established the 36'30' parallel?

The Missouri Compromise.

Which statement is trueThe Missouri Compromise postponed the issue of slavery?

The Missouri Compromise postponed the issue of slavery.

What agreement attempted to address a crisis over slavery?

The Missouri Compromise was the first attempt to ease the looming crisis over slavery. It effectively prevented the spread of slavery into new states but did nothing to eliminate slavery in current slave states.

How the battle of the crittienden compromise was won?

The Crittenden Compromise wasn't a battle. It was a last-minute attempt to avoid civil war. Lincoln rejected it because it would have allowed some extension of slavery.

What problem did the Missouri compromise attempt to resolve?

missori became slave state, and manie became free state and gave a solution to slavery

What was the aim of the critteden compromise of 1860?

A last attempt to avert war. Lincoln rejected it because it could have allowed some extension of slavery.

Which issue was the focus of the Missouri Compromise?

slavery :D (i gotta do this stupid thing too)

What was the purpose of the Missouri Compromise?

To end an argument about slavery in the territories (apex)

Did the Missouri compromise end slavery in the nation's capital?

yes the compromise ended slavery in the capitol

How did the Compromise of 1850 change how slavery was handled in new territories?

It made it much more difficult to create new slave-states.

In addition to the Three-Fifths Compromise what other compromise was reached at the convention regarding slavery?

The Connecticut Compromise was reached at the convention regarding slavery

Did Abraham Lincoln oppose the Crittenden's proposal to restore the Missouri Compromise because it allowed the expansion of slavery?

Yes. That was the sticking-point of the last attempt at compromise. Lincoln was representative of most Northern opinion - prepared to tolerate slavery in its traditional heartlands, but strongly opposed to any extension of it.