Viruses (biological)

How did the Coronavirus start?

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2020-04-21 18:28:24

the virus started from a person in china that ate a bat, and a snake head.And worst of all they were raw.

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2020-04-21 09:47:57

THE virus came for snakes that they eat in CHINA. AND also raw meat they eat.also with insects and animals that they eat so I best do is to cook and know where your food comes from. beacause this virus is also in the air so better wear masks.

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2020-04-03 23:17:44

A man ate a bat from a supermarket in Wuhan, the bat was carrying the virus known as COVID-19(coronavirus) he got the virus and then started spreading. this virus has caused countries to go on quarantine

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Sunny_ Sunset
2020-04-03 15:49:40

Wohan, China. I'm pretty sure one of the people from there ate a bat, and the bat carried the coronavirus. Please stay safe! :)

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