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Short answer: Pride.

Long answer: From what I understand, the devil was first called Lucifer, the highest of all of God's angels. He was created perfect, like the other angels and like men. Also like men, the angels were given free will. So Lucifer decided that he was not content being the highest angel, he wanted to be God himself. It was this pride that ultimately led to him being cast out of Heaven as a fallen angel, along with the other angels that he had convinced to join him, ultimately to go to Hell.

Regardless of the origin, the devil promotes sin in the world, not only the glaring sins like murder, but the equally bad sins of lust and envy, which are pretty much commonplace these days. He sows discord and detachment from God, which leads other people to Hell, and for things like this he is found deserving of going to Hell.

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Q: How did the devil end up in hell?
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