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The marathon originated in an ancient town in Greece known as Marathon.


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G. Grigorou won the first marathon.

a man ran a long way and died because of it they decided to name it a marathon the first olympics started` in the 1800 's

Who was the first women olypic marathon runner

The Boston Marathon. It was first run in 1897.

The first Boston Marathon, in 1897, was from Ashland to Boston.

the first marathon was in march 29th1897.

John J. McDermott was the winner of the first annual Boston Marathon in 1897. It was the first marathon of its kind in the US.

According to Greek mythology, Pheidippides was the first Marathon runner. He ran from the city of Marathon to Athens, Greece.

As far as the Modern Olympics go, the first men's marathon was at the 1896 Games in Athens and the first women's marathon was at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

The Battle of Marathon was the first attempt , and first defeat , by Persian forces to subjugate Greece . The Persians were defeated by the Athenians at Marathon , Greece .

The soldier that ran from Marathon to Athens.

the battle of marathon, where a runner took the news of the Athenian victory back to Athens. After running for miles, he entered the city square, screamed "Nike" and then collapsed dead on the spot.

The Boston Marathon was first conducted in 1897.

The first Boston marathon took place in 1897 in Boston.

Supposedly the first marathon was 26 miles by a Greek runner from Marathon to Athens. In 1921 the present distance of 26 miles 385 yards was standardized.

Pheiddipidies a boy from the town of marathon was told to run to Athens to deliver the news that the Persians had been defeateed in the battle of marathon.

John Graham was inspired to organize the first Boston Marathon in 1897 after witnessing the 1896 Olympics Marathon

The person who won the London Marathon 2009 is Sarah Thompson

Boston is the first and longest running marathon in the world.

We'd need to know WHICH marathon you're referring to in order to answer this question.

The Portland Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event held in the city of Portland, Oregon. It was first held in 1972 and has been held every year since.

The Columbus Marathon first took place in the year 1980. The first race was on November 16th 1980 and featured 2500 runners. To date, this marathon features thousands of runners every year.

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