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When the settlers Came the Fist nations population died down and some started disappearing mysteriously

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Q: How did the first nations way of life change when the settlers from France came to the Great Lakes-St Lawrence lowlands?
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Where did the Algonquin first nations live in Canada?

the Algonquins are located in the north eastern woodlands in the St. Lawrence lowlands below the great lakes part of Ontario and part of Quebec

Who were the first settlers in Canada?

the First Nations Indians

How were the first nations peoples involved in the struggle between the british and the Americans?

The first nations were making false reports about the American settlers. The British were making the first nations with arms with which to attack the American setters. The first nations was helping the British to win over the Americans settlers so the nations people wanted the Americans British to win because they were supporting them.

What were the interactions between the settlers and the first nations in the Canadian Shield?


The first settlers in Georgia?

WHERE ARE THE EARLY SETTLERS IN GEORGIA? the first settlers in Georgia were the First nations people, which were a lot and they lived in different tribes and had different names. such as Iroquois

Who were the first settlers in the Atlantic region?

The answer 2 your is the First Nations your welcome

How did first nations peoples help the fur traders and settlers in New France?

i dont know the answer of it

How did the arrival of theses settlers affect the established First Nations communities?

because the first nation took there land

How did the arrival of the European settlers benefit the first nations people?

It's generally agreed that the arrival of European settlers was of no benefit to the First Nations. They lost their land and often their lives too because of warfare, through starvation or most usually through diseases brought by Europeans, to which they had no resistance.

What has the author Lawrence Reiss written?

Lawrence Reiss has written: 'Partnerships in meeting basic needs' -- subject(s): Economic assistance, Technical assistance, United Nations

What has the author Lawrence Margolis written?

Lawrence Margolis has written: 'Key factors for economic success in industrial nations' -- subject(s): Economic development, Economic policy

Which were the primary settlers in Canada?

I'm guessing your wanting this answer for the test on tuesday. The answer is "The First Nations"

Who were the First settlers to Atlantic Canada?

The Atlantic region of Canada, just like the United States was the first region of the country to be explored and settled. The first settlers were First Nations people and then explorers from France.

From which nations did european settlers in Pennsylvania come?

English mostly, along with significant populations of Germans and Scots-Irish.

Who are the descendants of the first people to settle in the Americas?

The Canadians of the First Nations are descendants of those first settlers from Asia.

How did European nations took control of land in North America?

They did it through their armies. Nations would send soldiers to the place they wanted to control and probably enslave the Native Americans there and then claim the land. If they wanted to control an area already populated by Europeans they would send soldiers and fight the settlers until the settlers lost or they lost.

What did European nations hope to gain from a northwest passage?

because the lawrence river had good farming land and the had good climate

As American settlers moved west in search of land many native American nations?

were weakened or destroyed.

As settlers from various nations arrived in the new world they interracted differently with the natives. What was the major diffenece between the french and british?

the french came before the English colonist did. the french arrived about the same time the spanish settlers did.

What two groups of people lived in Canada before the settlers came?

The First Nations groups lived in canada before the settlers, and i believe that the Vikings would count, however, the did not permanently stay. PLEASE IMPROVE MY ANSWER

What are some of Canada's nations called?

(i am not 100% sure but i think this is it)Vikings, european settlers and the french

What is the name of the first group of settlers in new zealand?

The first nations peoples of New Zealand, Aotearoa, are the Maori.

Why did Indians capture white women?

Some Indians routinely took the people left alive after a raid on other tribal nations as slaves, and probably did the same with attacks on European settlers. Also, after many Indian nations were decimated by white man's diseases, some probably captured female settlers in an attempt to keep their nation alive through intermarriage.

Why did the Settlers come to New France?

Settlers came to New France mainly for more land. They also came to start a new life, trade furs with the First nations people and kill some beavers: the beaver population was getting low in Europe.

What did the First Nations share with the Europeans?

well they did have to share the land of course but after a while they didn't want to share anymore because the settlers were taking too much