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I will not help you cheat your homework in the Crossroads Text Book.

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Q: How did the government maintain social control over the first nations in the northwest?
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What do United Nations do?

they maintain peace among the nations and control them

What nations wanted to control the pacific northwest?

Spain, Russia, British Columbia, and China.

Who has the power to control deforestation?

Well i think that the government control deforestation as they should control all f the nations natural beauty.

What two island nations are north and northwest of France?

The two island nations that are north and northwest of France are the United Kingdom (north) and Ireland (northwest).

Why the United Nations are important to international system?

The United Nations are needed in order to carry out the plans for a one world government and destroy the sovereignty of all nations. For decades the Council on Foreign Relations and its associated Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg participants have all worked tirelessly to establish a world government under control of the United Nations. It goes much deeper than this but that's the answer in a nutshell.

Does not exemplify an attempt made by the us government to remove imperial control over other nations?

none of them

What are the federal governments powers?

declare war maintain army and navy coin money regulate trade between states and with foreign nations

Why is self government important to first nations?

it is important to the first nations because they want to have control over their own affairs. To have the rights that every other cultural person has

What are the three nations in the story 1984?

The three nations in the story "1984" by George Orwell are Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. These nations are constantly at war with each other, forming shifting alliances and engaging in propaganda to maintain control over their citizens.

What did the Wilson administration establish in an effort to assert government control over the nations banking system?

created the federal reserve system

What is the main goals of the united nations?

to maintain international peace and security by doing welfare to the people in te name of agencies the main objective of uno is to control wars

Are there first nations in northwest territorys?

i dont kow i have a angry bird