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How did the great china famine begin?

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by the freat leap forward and the amount of drought

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In what year did the great famine in Ireland begin?

1845 and it ended in 1852

When was the year that the potato famine begin?

From Wikipedia: The Great Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852.

Why did the Great famine in Ireland begin?

It began because the potato crop failed from Blight

Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward policies resulted in which outcome?

china experienced a severe famine that caused millions of deaths.

What century did the Great Wall of China begin?

the great wall of china was built during the 10th century

What are nicknames for the potato famine?

The Great Famine

When did building of the Great Wall of China begin?

The building of the Great Wall of China began about 23 hundred years ago.

What effects did Mao Zedong have on China?

Mao's Great Leap Forward brought economic ruin and famine to the country.

What are the causes and effects of the Great Famine?

the great famine was caused by plould soil

What is the ISBN of Mao's Great Famine?

The ISBN of Mao's Great Famine is 0802777686.

When did Great Chinese Famine happen?

Great Chinese Famine happened in 1961.

In what century did constructionof the great wall of china begin in?


A great shortage of food is called an?


Why did the Irish go to the great famine?

Because it was 'great'. Who would go to the 'terrible' famine?

Why did Mao begin the radical great leap forward in 1958?

Mao's Great Leap Forward was an economic program that was to take China from the agrarian stage into industrialization quickly. Agricultural Collectivism was introduced and private farms were banned. Actions taken during this program led toe the Great Chinese Famine.

How did the great leap forward affect China?

The forced communal farming ordered by Mao, of this period caused the worst famine ever in China, very similar to the Russian famine caused by Stalin forcing communal farming in the 1930s. Are we seeing a pattern yet?

When did the potato famine begin?

the Great Famine (or the Great Hunger) is a title usually given to the years between 1845 and 1848. The potato is a most unstable crop, and often failed. The Census of IrelandCommission in 1851 recorded 24 failures of the crop from 1728 onward. The great famine began in September 1845 when potato blight was first seen in Ireland.

When did the great wall of china begin and end construction?

if you are looking for this answer it is ..........; not here

In which century did construction of the great wall of china begin?

5th century

What was the worst drought in world history?

The worst drought ever recorded was the Great Chinese famine. It happened from 1958 to 1961. Other famines include Chinese famine of 1907, Indian famine and Bengal famine of 1770. As you can see, China has had more that enough natural disasters an is a very dry country.

When did the Irish potato famine begin?


What year did the Potato Famine begin?


When was Mao's Great Famine created?

Mao's Great Famine was created on 2010-09-06.

Why did Mao Zedong resign?

Because he was responsible for all of the disaster, famine and fall of China after the Great Leap forward which ended badly.

What is the Irish word for The Great Famine?

It is known as "An Gorta Mór" (un gurtha mór), the Great Famine.