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European customs replaced native African customs

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How did European actions during World War 1 affect African societies?

Answer this question… They reduced the available labor force in African villages.

How did European colonization affect African?


How did the introduction of Christianity and Islam affect African states?

people moved

How did the Scramble for Africa affect african countries even after European imperialism in the region had ended APEX?

It left many African countries with the foundation to build modern economies.

How did the arrival of Islam and Christianity affect African societies?

People comverted to the new religions and developed rich traditions and communities

How does the interaction of people groups affect the growth of societies?

How does the interaction of people groups affect the growth of societies?

In what ways did the Atlantic trade positively affect west African societies and economies?

The Atlantic slave trade only positively affected those in West African societies who were involved in the trade itself, otherwise it was a disaster. The people who kidnapped individuals to sell them into slavery benefited financially.

How do constellations impact societies?

The same as societies affect constellations . . . not at all.

How did trade affect European navigation?

how did trade affect european navigation they affect because asia affect

How did European expansion of the slave trade affect African states between 1600 and 1700?

african states became too weak to resist the slave trade

How did exploration and conquests in the middle ages affect relations between ancient societies?

The effect was biggest in the ancient Inca and Mayan societies and cultures that were annihilated in a relatively short period of time. The effect on East Indian cultures was limited and would remain so for another couple of centuries. African societies would remain undisturbed until the late 19th century. That even goes for slavery, which in African societies itself was widespread, with often 20-30 percent of a society's population consisting of slaves to African masters.

How did the Neolithic Revolution affect the societies where it took place?

The societies were able to trade surplus goods with other societies.

In what ways can exploration and expansion affect the worldview of a societies and the societies they come into contact with?


What microenvironmental factor affect the introduction and sale of the Toyota Prius?

environmental factors affect the introduction and sale of the Toyota Prius

How did advances in military technology after the Industrial Revolution affect European empires?

Answer this question… They allowed small European armies to defeat larger African and Asian forces when invading territory.

How did contact with European explorers and exposure to diseases affect the native American population?

The native population was drastically reduced by the introduction of Old World diseases. The exact percentage is unknown.

How does migration affect societies?

because of a source of movment

How did the introduction of railroads affect the central valley?

because it did

How did the natural environment affect the development of early societies?


How did European exploration affect societies in the Americas and Africa?

European exploration in the Americas resulted in a decline of populations due to diseases brought to the New World to which the natives had no immunity. For Africans, this exploration saw the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade where millions were captured and resettled in the Americas.

How did the Scramble for Africa affect African countries even after European imperialism in the region had ended?

It left many African countries dependent on foreign aid for survival. [APEX]

How did the law of gravity affect society?

It makes societies stay on the ground.

How did the domestication of plants and animals affect agrarian societies?

You taken oddyssy arent you?

How does the movement of the mantle affect human societies?

it affects it by the earthquakes and volcanoes it causes

How did the end of the cold war affect African govs?

It may have affected Africa's white rulers (European colonizers), but otherwise Africa was always consumed by racial issues (apartheid).