How did the micmacs hunt?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How did the micmacs hunt?
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Why did the micmacs hunt more beaver after the french arrived?

because the french would see that theres no more beavers and they would not be happy. so the micmacs hunted them mostly to bother the frech.

Why do micmacs get their food?

Micmacs get their food by hunting they use a bow and arrow ,spears and heavy wooden clubs .Micmacs will also go fishing.They will often catch fish shellfish marine mammels such as seals and whales, they also get walrus.They will hunt caribou, moose and deer.

Where did Micmacs live?

the micmacs lived in north and south america

When was Micmacs released?

Micmacs was released on 05/28/2010.

What was the Production Budget for Micmacs?

The Production Budget for Micmacs was $42,000,000.

How much money did Micmacs gross worldwide?

Micmacs grossed $11,756,922 worldwide.

How did meeting the europeans change the lives of micmacs?

It changed the way micmacs lived.

How much money did Micmacs gross domestically?

Micmacs grossed $1,259,693 in the domestic market.

What state has micmacs?


What are the micmacs rituals?

they are something

Were do micmacs live?

they live in Canada

What was the language used by the micmacs?