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they went to a river if there was 1 near, bought it, or walked all the way back to sydney to buy water

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How did miners know where gold was?

by going into the water and drowning

What did gold miners drink on the gold fields?

The gold miners would drink tea, water that had been boiled, or beer when they could get it.

What fuel do you put in a brass miners lamp?

carbide and water mixture

Were the miners in Chile coal miners?

No, they are copper miners.

How did the gold miners get water in the Australian gold rush?

They probably dug out some water from a different pipeline

How did the miners get food and water?

Just like anyone else they bought what they needed.

What is the possessive form of miners?

The possessive form for the plural noun miners is miners'.Example: The miners' contract is being renegotiated.

What technique did miners use to separate gold from sand and pebbles in running water?


What do miners need?

Miners need Money

Who uses a safety lamp.?


What drink was originally made from a towns mineral water for a cure all the miners?


What recourse issue caused problems between miners ranchers and farmers in the west?

limited water

What resource issue cause problems between miners ranchers and farmers in the west?

Lack of water

What do miners study?

Miners will always study where is the treasure and how to get it.

How many miners were trapped in chile?

33 miners

Where did miners get their food?

Miners get their food from the supply store.

What type of houses gold miners live in?

the gold miners lived in: · Tents and bark Gunyahs: these were portable. · Miners Humpy: Some miners lived in a Humpy. · Slab hut

What did the police do in the miners strike?

That depends which miners strike in history.

How many miners were in kalgoorlie?

There were 700 miners The population is 30,000

Why was life difficult for miners?

Few miners grew rich

Do miners mine for diamonds?

Yes, miners mine for diamonds.

What type of miners are trapped in Chile?

They are copper and gold miners.

When was The Miners Association created?

The Miners Association was created in 1858.

What do the gold miners drink during the gold rush?

water from the rivers or lakes. ...And the occassional Mr. Pib.

What resource issue caused problems between miners ranchers and farmers in the west?

Limited water supply

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