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In Vermont
Thomas Young introduced the name in 1777. It comes from the two French words "Vert" and "Mont" meaning Green Mountain.
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What is the origin of the name of Vermont?

The origin of the name Vermont is uncertain. It is mostlythought to originate from the French les Verts Monts ,meaning "the Green Mountains".

What presidents are from Vermont?

Chester A. Arthur-- born in North Fairfield , VT on October 5, 1829. Calvin Coolidge-- born in Plymouth VT on July 4, 1872. Both left the state before they began their careers in law or politics.

Who is the governor of Vermont?

The current Governor of Vermont is Peter Shumlin (D). Shumlin assumed office as the 81st Governor of Vermont on January 6, 2011. He was re-elected for the term to run from January 2013 to January 2015.

How did Vermont get its name?

The name means "green mountains". le Vermont is a village of some 20 homes southwest of Strasbourg,France. Vermont is grammatically correct, and it is singular. It does meanGreen Mountain, if you check back a few centuries in old french. Inmodern french, of course, one could say it is "grammatical ( Full Answer )

Who founded Vermont?

Answer . Little is known of the pre-Columbian history of Vermont. The western part of the state was originally home to a small population of Algonquian-speaking tribes, including the Mohican and Abenaki peoples. Between 8500 to 7000 BCE, glacial activity created the Champlain Sea, and Native Amer ( Full Answer )

When was Vermont founded?

Technically 1763 as the New Hampshire grants, led by New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth. Then established as the first independent, fully-sovereign nation in the new world as the Vermont Republic in 1777, and finally as the state of Vermont in 1791. So take your pick: 1763, 1777, or 1791. It ( Full Answer )

What is the abbreviation for Vermont?

VT . The two letter standard abbreviation for the state of Vermont is VT. VT is the abbreviation for Vermont. VT VT is the abbreviation forVermont.

How old is Vermont?

In geological terms it is quite old, as a State it is the 14th State which makes it about 219 years old.

Name the state bird or motto or flower of Vermont?

Vermont State Bird - Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus) State Song - "These Green Mountains" (composed by Diane Martin, arranged by Rita Buglass) State Flower - Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) State Motto - Freedom and Unity Viper1

What do they make in Vermont?

Many things are made in Vermont. Cheese, maple syrup, coffee, mustard, preserves, bacon, ham, the wooden tiles for Scrabble games, railroad cars for New York's and Boston's subways, steering columns for Japanese cars, the finest of art books, over 190 magazines, machines that help make a fabric from ( Full Answer )

How are the seasons in Vermont?

Most are OK, Like many other places Vermont has four of them each lasting for about three months however it always seems that some are to long and others are to short. The state uses the conventional naming sequence and names as most of the English speaking world, that is: spring, summer, fall and w ( Full Answer )

What does Vermont manufacture?

Vermont is home to several products. In the manufacturing sectorhowever, the main items produced are granite and masonry tools.

Is Vermont flat?

Nope. Vermont is from the French for "green mountain," and the state is slopping over with relief.

Where is Vermont?

In New England, South of Quebec, North of Massachusetts, East of New York snd West of New Hampshire. It is between New York state and New Hampshire. It is a New England state. Which includes Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.

What are the names of landmarks in Vermont?

Formal Name City Type . Coolidge, Calvin, Homestead District . Plymouth Notch . District. Frost, Robert, Farm . Ripton . Building. Marsh, George Perkins, Boyhood Home . Woodstock . Building. Morrill, Justin S., Homestead . Strafford . Building. Mount Independence . Orwell . S ( Full Answer )

What is the climate of Vermont?

Having a mean temperature of 43 degrees fahrenheit (6 degrees celsius), making it theseventh coldest state in the United States, the state is classifiedas having a humid continental climate. The state has recorded thecoldest temperature in New England, -50 degrees fahrenheit, inBloomfield, on Dece ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Vermont?

You can go swimming and boating in Vermont's many lakes, streams, and ponds. You could go hiking in the Green Mountains, shopping, go to a spa, go tour historic sites, and overall enjoying the many wonders and joys that Vermont has to offer.

What is a What are fact about Vermont?

Vermont was caught in the middle of several real-life games of tug-a-war.. Vermont was caught in the middle of several real-life games of tug-a-war.

Are there hurricanes in Vermont?

Not really- If a storm that used to be a hurricane hits Vermont it usually is a Tropical Storm or Depression- hurricanes weaken over land

Who is Vermont named after?

It comes from french for Green and Mountain, hence the Green Mountain state. Samuel de Champlain sailed down the lake that now has his name and looked across the land and dubbed it such. It is not named after anyone.

How large is Vermont?

Vermont is 9,615 sq. miles in area making it the 6th smallest, or 45th largest, state in the US.

Name the 5 largest counties in Vermont?

Windsor County - 971 square miles. . Rutland County - 932 square miles. . Windham County - 789 square miles. . Addison County - 770 square miles. . Orleans County - 697 square miles.

How did Vermont become the Republic Of Vermont?

Vermont actually was a republic, although it was never called arepublic, it was a fully functioning nation. Vermont became arepublic when it declared independence from New York and NewHampshire in 1777 and wrote the Constitution of Vermont at the OldConstitution House in Windsor, VT. They remained a ( Full Answer )

What cities are in Vermont?

Vermont has some large towns but only nine population centers are incorporsted as cities. They are: . Burlington . South Burlington . Rutland . Barre . Montpelier . St. Albens . Winsooki . Newport and . Vergennes.

What is in the state of Vermont?

Cities and towns. People and poultry. Horses and houses. Trees and transportation. IBM and Ice cream. Granite and Marble. Hills and Mountains. Lakes and Rivers. Bears and Vermont Teddy Bears.

What is the name of the state flower in Vermont?

Red clover is the state flower of Vermont. Specifically, the wildflower carries the scientific name of Trifolium pratense . It has the additional common names ofcowgrass and pavine clover. It is native to Asia and Europe andnaturalized in Vermont by way of early settlers from northernEurope.

What is the origin Vermont?

The name Vermont originates from two French words, vert and montagne . The first word means green and the second mountain. They were combined to form Vermont, hence the state's nickname: Green Mountains. (You may wish to check the spelling of the first word!)

When did Vermont get its nickname?

The nickname for Vermont is, Green Mountain State. The name was given on October, 1761 by the Rev. Dr. Peters.

What was the origin of Vermont?

it is a combination on two french words "vert" which means green and "montagne" which means mountains.

How far is it to Vermont?

Not far from New Hampshire but a long way to go if you are in Istanbul.

Why vermont became vermont?

Vermont is called "The Green Mountain State". The french term for green mountain is "verde mont". Take out the d, e, and the space, and you get "Vermont"

Who named the capital of Vermont?

Montpelier was named by one of its founders, Colonel Jacob Davis, after a city in France ( Montpellier ).

What is Vermont next to?

Vermont is next to....... NEW HAMPSHIRE P.S Next time y ou are figuring it out with a MAP!!

What are vermonts symbols and why are they vermonts symbols?

Vermont's state animal is the Morgan Horse, because Justin Morgan lived in Vermont for several years. His horse, Figure, was nicknamed the 'Justin Morgan horse,' and had lots of offspring with mares. Eventually, Morgan horses were considered their own breed. The state tree is the sugar maple becaus ( Full Answer )

How did Vermont get its capital?

Montpelier was part of a land grant in 1781, and was named in 1787 by one of its founders, Colonel Jacob Davis. It is named for a city on the Mediterranean coast in southern France (Montpellier), in honor of the aid given by France in the Revolutionary War.

Can a man take his husband's last name in Vermont?

Yes. In states where same-sex marriage is legally recognized, a certificate of marriage is sufficient proof of legal name change. This is true for drivers licenses, voter registration and other instances controlled by state law. By special policies of federal agencies, a same-sex marriage certificat ( Full Answer )

Where did Vermont got the state name?

The name, Vermont comes from 2 words ... . Verdant meaning Green and Mont from the word Mountain. . Thus, " The Green Mountain State ."

What is the name of the major body of water in Vermont?

Lake Champlain forms part of theborder between Vermont and New York. The Connecticut River runsalong Vermont's eastern border with New Hampshire. The MissisquoiRiver is an 80 mile long river in northern Vermont. The PassumpsicRiver is a 22 mile long in Caledonia County, Vermont. West River,Otter Riv ( Full Answer )

Is Vermont in the west?

Vermont is located in the NewEngland region of the United States. Vermont borders Massachusettsto the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the west, andthe Canadian province of Quebec to the north.

What is the Vermont fish?

Vermont has two official state fish.The brook trout is the official cold-water fish for Vermont. Thewalleye is the official warm-water fish for Vermont.

What are the 6 Vermont regions names?

Vermont's regions are: the VermontLowlands, the Green Mountains, the Taconic Mountains, the Valley ofVermont, the Vermont Piedmont, and the Northeast Highlands.