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not sure i think because of 32 bit windows (known as x86 windows) being replaced by 64 bit windows (x64)

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What does she mean when she says, I’ve gone away to come back”?

Esperanza statesthey will know I have gone away to come back. For the ones i left behind. for the ones who cannot out. what does she mean by this?

What is the greek word for thrown?

if you mean thrown from throw its thrown : ριγμένος (rigmenos)

What does Bewilered mean?

Bewilered means astonished, thrown for a loop, or thrown of guard.

What does not gone for naught mean?

"Naught" is Middle English for "No," or "nothing." (Zeros in a number were once known as "naughts"). "Gone for naught" means "Gone for nothing." Therefore, "Not gone for naught," means "Not gone for nothing," or another way to put it: "Not in vain."

What does it mean when you dream a spider is being thrown at you?

spider means a threat to you. And throwing of spider indicates that it will come over you. this means that threat is coming over you.

What does threwn mean?

It appears to mean a past tense of throw or thrown.

What is an overrated phone number?

Jenny's number is overrated I mean who cares! 867-5309 is not even that catchy of a number. Soulja Boy's number is too. 678-999-8212 I mean come on at least come up with a number that ppl can easily remember.

What does 74 mean?

It a number which come After 73 & before 75

What do you mean by is identical in value?

It means they come out to the same number.

What does terrier mean?

It means to be thrown out, to be tossed, pushed.

What does flung mean?

Something that was thrown with reckless force.

What does getting 86'd mean?

To get thrown out of..

What does hurtled mean?

it means thrown with great filosophiy

What did hawkeye gesture mean?

they would be thrown into the precipice

What does the word incarcerated mean?

Imprisoned-thrown in jail.

What does discarded food mean?

food that is thrown away

What does ejected mean?

thrown out in a violent or sudden way

When Jeff Hardy lost his last match did that mean he'll be gone forever?

No he will probably come back in 2010 or at the Royal Rumble.

What does the term frozen ropes mean?

It means when the baseball is thrown on a line, like when it is thrown strait without a loop or rainbow.

What does long gone mean?

long gone means not used anymore

What does the word sourse mean?

You may mean 'source' which has a number of meanings, most commonly 'where things come from'.

What does foiled mean?


What does embroiled mean?

deeply involved in, thrown into disorder or confusion

What number do all numbers come back to?

If you mean the number you will eventually reach after perpetual division among integers, the number is 1.

What does the idiom thrown up to them mean?

"Thrown up to" means that the person is going to present them with whatever the subject is. For example: "They had their mistakes thrown up to them" means that the person or persons presented them with evidence of their errors.