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The Romans found the planets and were the first to name them. Jupiter was a Roman god, and he was said to be the head of the gods. It was like Zeus, but only for Rome. He was also said to have fiery red hair and was fairly large.

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How planet Jupiter get its name?

they named the planet Jupiter after the Roman god Jupiter

What is name after Jupiter?

Jupiter the planet and that Jupiter place in Florida.

Why was the name Jupiter chosen for the planet?

Just as Jupiter is the largest planet, Jupiter was the most powerful of the Roman gods.

How did Jupiter gets its name?

The planet Jupiter is name after the roman king because it is the biggest planet in the solar system.

Is Jupiter a common noun?

No, the noun Jupiter is a proper noun, the name of a specific planet. The common noun for Jupiter is planet.

What is the name of the person who named the planet Jupiter?

No one person actually named the planet Jupiter. However the planet is named after the ruler of the Roman gods, Jupiter.

Why isn't Jupiter classified as either a terrestrial planet or a jovian planet?

Jupiter is a Jovian planet. The word "Jovian" comes from "Jove," which is another name for Jupiter.

Is planet Jupiter common noun?

No, the noun 'Jupiter' is a proper noun, the name of a specific planet.The noun 'Jupiter' is also a proper noun as the name of a Roman god or the Town of Jupiter Florida.

What is other name for the planet Jupiter?

5th Planet from the Sun.

What planet was the Greek God Zeus named after?

Zeus was not named after a planet.A planet was named after Zeus.That planet is Jupiter.Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus.

Why did astronomers name Jupiter after the god?

because the planet jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and the word jupiter means supreme god

What is the scientific name for Jupiter?

The scientific historical name for Jupiter is "Jupiter". The scientific planetary system name for Jupiter is "Planet Five". The scientific structural classification name for Jupiter is "Gas Giant".

What is the name of the planet that got smashed between Mars and Jupiter?

The name of the planet that got smashed between Mars and Jupiter is called "TIOMA"

How did Jupiter become a planet?

Jupiter became a planet by a Person named William Jupiter. He was looking through his telescope when he discovered a big round ball in space. He shared hisdiscovery and Soon the planet Jupiter got its name Jupiter.

What is the name of the largest planet?

Jupiter is the largest planet and the smallest is pluto .

What is the name of the planet that saved your planet several times?

Jupiter, probably.

Q Name the largest planet?


Jupiter the planet what is the real name?


Name a planet of your solar system?


Jove is poetic name for which planet?


Why is Jupiter as good name for this planet?

Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek god Zeus, who was the father of all the other gods. The planet Jupiter was named after Zeus because it is the largest planet in the Solar System, and "fathers over" the other planets.

What type of planet is Jupiter?

Jupiter is a planet where it's not like earth, you can't come live on the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is a gas planet!

What planet does the moon name lo orbit?

Io orbits the planet of Jupiter.

Why did they name it Jupiter?

They named it Jupiter after the Roman god, Jupiter who was king of the gods. Jupiter is also the biggest planet in the solar system.

How did Jupiter got his named?

Jupiter got its name from the link of the Roman Gods, Jupiter, and Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Solar System

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