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The King's guards found Guy Fawkes about to light the gunpowder.

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How many gunpowder plotters were there?

there were 5 gun powder plotters at the beginning but they grew to about 14

What did Guy Fawkes do in the Gun Powder Plot?

He tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament but was caught and burned at the stake.

What was the Gunpowder Plot and when did it take place?

The gun powder plot is when guy Fawkes blew up the houses of Parliment ( parliment isn't spelt right)With gun powder but he got caught and got executed It took place in 16th century.

Gun powder plot?

The gunpowder plot is where somone made a plot with gunpowder

Who is the gun powder plot?

Gun Powder is the most important thing in a war because if you don't have gun powder you wouldn't stand a chance.

Why did the Gun powder plot fail?

* Because the King found out about it * King James I caught Guy Fawkes in the act * The gun powder had gone off and so it couldn't be lit and therefore the houses of parliament wouldn't be able to be blown up

Why was there a gun powder plot?

Attempt to overthrow the government of England.

What do Gun powder plot mean?

Name from parliament named concence

What night was the gun powder plot?

the day before bonfire night

What happened to barrels?

i mean about Guy Fawkes and gun powder plot

Why the plotters of the gun powder should be found guilty?

Because they tried to blow up Parliament, when the King was going to be there. It is called treason

What famous plot happened in 1605?

Guy Fawkes ... The Gun Powder Plot To Blow Up The Queens Thing

Why did the men do the gun powder plot?

They did it because they wanted to kill the king, and the government.

Where did the gun powder plot take place?

In the basement of the House of Commons, UK.

Why is the gun powder plot so important?

why was the gunpowder so important to oliver cromwell

Was it really Guy Fawkes who planned the gun powder plot?

yes but one of the men in his team wrote a letter to a relative who would of been in the there that day, and a guard got it. and that is how they caught Guy fawkes.

What event was plotted for the November 1605?

There was a plot to blow up the British Houses of Parliament, often referred to as the Gun Powder Plot.

What was Guy Fawkes gun powder plot all about?

It was a plot to blow up the UK parliament buildings, and over throw the government.

The Gun Powder Plot?

The gun powder plot was a plot made by Guy Fawkes and other strong catholics who wanted rid of King James.(i think that was the name of the king) anyway, they managed to roll barrels of gunpowder underneath the houses of parliament and were caught because someone had tipped the king off. But the King also had an advisor who was like his spy. This spy was given the letter 9 days before the plot and also there is other evidence that he knew about the plot and deliberatly didnt do anything. On top of that the records for 1605 have mysteriously dissapeared and have never been found

Who was the leader of the gun powder plot?

Robert Catesby was the leader of the gun powder plot. Many people say that Guido Fawkes (Guy fawkes) was the leader but he was hired to light the fuse by Robert Catesby and his followers. If you want more information on the gunpowder plot of 1605, take a look at the link below:

What was Guy Fawkes famous for?

He's famous for the gun powder plot to blow up Parliament.

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