How did the political theories of Thomas Hobbes influence Thomas Jefferson?

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Wow, sorry could the first answer be any further off the mark? Thomas Hobbes felt that the best form of government was an absolute monarchy while Thomas Jefferson, the leader of the Democratic-Republican Party felt that the power should ultimately lie with the people. Jefferson had a visceral hate of monarchies. The only influence Hobbes had on Jefferson was to push him in the polar opposite direction. If Hobbes had any influence on any of the Founding Fathers it was Alexander Hamilton who favored the monarchies of Europe. Hobbes argued that people form governments to protect themselves from the "State of Nature" which is violence so the people cede their power to a monarch who is above question and all powerful, (Leviathan) hence they are not able to rule themselves. This is Hamiltonian theory at its finest. I guess the simple answer is the only thing Hobbes had in common with Jefferson is their first name and a pretty good chance that Jefferson read Hobbes and said Wow I hate these ideas. Actually Hamilton did not believe in absolute monarchies, obviously, since he was a founding father of the United States, a democracy. He did, however, believe that the U.S. should have a centralized government whereas Jefferson believed the power should be distributed out amongst the states. To say Hamilton wanted a strong central government is as much of an understatement as saying you whom has disgraced my answer needs to read a book, preferably one with more pictures than words. Hamilton was awe-struck by the European Monarchies. He absolutely believed the average person could not rule themselves and should be ruled by an elite ruling class. He also felt that those chosen to rule should be placed in their positions for life. An all powerful ruler in place for life-that would be a monarchy. Hamilton went even further and argued against a bill of rights based on the fact that England did not have one. The fact that he was a Founding Father is not relevant since the true desire behind the Founding Fathers was the equal representation all English citizens had, and I think as most know England was a monarchy with a parliament. Hamilton wanted the same government for America. To make it simple for thou who desecrated my not only correct and witty answer, Hamilton was absolutely happy with America a monarchy as long as it was in America, run by Americans, and represented the American people much like England. That is why it was less of a revolution and more of a civil war. Revolutions by their nature are trying to bring about revolutionary change-where as the goal of American Revolution was to return to the way theings were before the Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, etc...
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