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Q: How did the positions of abolitionists like garrison and tallmadge differ?
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How did some abolitionists differ in their views toward African-Americans?

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How did some abolitionists differ in their views toward African Americans?

The abolitionists differed in their views towards African Americans because some of them wanted to end slavery. Some of them wanted to continue slavery, and some of them wanted to send them back to Africa while others didn't.

In what ways did Nixons policies while President differ from some of his previously stated positions?


How did Henry Highland Garnet's attitude toward slavery differ from that of William Lloyd Garrison?

Henry Highland Garnet believed in more aggressive tactics to end slavery, advocating for armed resistance and violent uprising. William Lloyd Garrison, on the other hand, was a pacifist who believed in nonviolent resistance and moral persuasion to end slavery.

How did the aristocratic republicanism of the South differ from the democratic republicanism of the North?

Southern employers depended totally on slavery for their workforce. Most Northern employers (increasingly industrial) would not have been able to use slaves, even if they were offered them. Also Northern puritans disapproved of slavery, and the Abolitionists carried a lot of weight, although most Northerners were not Abolitionists by any means.

How did views about slavery differ in the Northern and Southern states?

Northern viewsA vocal minority of northern were abolitionists or people who wanted to end slavery.Southern viewsMany wanted to keep slavery no matter how bad the slaves felt about it .

How did david walker and Frederick Douglass views differ from each other?

ok, the differences are that douglas supported abolistion of slaves and stuff and garrison wanted slaver in america because he scandalous

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How did free soilers differ from abolitionists?

free soilers: their goal was to prohibit slavery only in new territories- many were unconvinced that the whole institution of slavery could be eliminated, some were northerns who did not want to compete economically with slavery in the new territories, others were racist and did not want blacks, free or enslaved, playing a role in westward expansion abolitionists: their goal was to abolish slavery completely they were more into the moral aspect of the issue and generally supported social equality

How did free labor advocates differ from abolitionists?

Free labor advocates believed in the voluntary exchange of labor for wages, promoting the idea that individuals should have the freedom to choose where and how they worked. Abolitionists, on the other hand, focused on the moral and ethical issues of slavery, aiming to abolish the institution of slavery altogether. While there could be overlap between the two groups, their main focus and strategies differed.