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Q: How did the protestant reformation lead to colonization in the Americas?
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Who was josiah strong?

Josiah Strong was born in 1847 and died in 1916. He was a Protestant pastor who came to lead a new movement called the Social Gospel.

How did settlement patterns in the Spanish colonies lead to a mixing of Spanish and native cultures?

Starting in 1492, the Spanish built a large empire in the Americas, but the native peoples suffered. In North America, the Dutch, French,and English fought for control.The labor of enslaved persons brought from Africa supported the American colonies.

Was the colonization of America good or bad?

Depends on your back ground really.... if you are of native American back ground then your ancestors porbably suffered as a consequence... but if you are an ancestor of the europeans who settled there then you probably wouldn't be alive if they hadnt of colonized it...either way

What impact did European have on colonies in the Americas?

America prosperity today and the extinction of native American cultures were due to European settlements. Europeans settlers like the spanish forced the native Americans into converting into Christianity which resulted in leaving today Americas' lost in native cultures. However the europeans brought about goods things to modern day Americas. The start of slaveries lead to civil rights and diverse in Americans cultures. Many people from around the world started migrating into Americas in search of freedom of religious and opportunities. The world most wide known language, English originated from the British settlements. Modern US government was brought through progresses of Europeans arrival from the Mayflower Compact to the Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.. Europeans also brought along advances in technology from their voyages around the world, such as the type writer and compass.

Why were Africans used as a source of labor in the Americas?

Because they were cheap labor. They wanted to be able to do unwanted work cheaply without doing it themselves. It started with indentured servants, which eventually lead to African slaves. they were mostly used in the south for the tobacco crops which the leaves had to be harvested by hand. The other main crop they were used for is cotton.

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What did reformation lead to?

The Reformation led to the division of Christianity into Catholic and Protestant faiths.

What did the Protestant Reformation lead to?

increased rivalry between European nations

How did Great Schism contribute to Protestant Reformation?

it divided the roman catholic church which lead to protestant churches

How did the great schism help lead the Protestant reformation?

It weakened people's faith in Catholic leaders

How did the Great Schism help lead to the Protestant Reformation?

It weakened people's faith in Catholic leaders

Who led the protest reformation in Switzerland?

The disagreement between the Protestants and Catholics eventually led to civil war in Switzerland.

How did the catholic church's political and economic power help lead to the Protestant reformation?

It led some rulers to oppose the pope in the hopes of seizing that power for themselves.

What leads to colonization?

Jamestown lead to colonization.

What did the Reformation and the counter-reformation lead to?

less religious tolerance.

What did the counter-reformation and reformation lead to?

less religious tolerance.

What was martin Luther remembered for?

im talking about the one that was a catholic priest..... well, martin Luther studied law but then quieted; he studied the book of psmls, hebrews, Romans, and galatians. he teached the salvation. (redemption) he dedicated himself into a monastic life, he spent long hours in prayers (pilgrmage?) and in confessions.

The Protestant Reformation starrted primaily becouse of the action of?

There was really more than one person who started. Of course Luther was big, but there were others who lead to the reformation, John Calvin was a contemporary of Luther, also Gutenberg inventing the printing press was a big catalyst of the reformation. In England, William Tyndale translating the new testament into English was a major even that lead to the reformation and this happened more than one hundred years before the time of Luther.