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They did die. After they were infected by the fleas that were the original carriers, they got sick. They transmitted the virus inadvertantly through the food they nibbled off of in humans' pantries. Humans would eat this food and get infected with the black plague. Towards the end of their lives, as the virus progressed, the rats would go a tad loopy and bite humans, therefore directly transferring the virus to humans. The rats then died. Other creatures would feast on the rat's corpse and be infected. The cycle continued.

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Q: How did the rats get the black death and not die?
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How was the black death caught?

misquitos bit rats and the rats transferred it to the humans giving them the black death and when they die they burn their bodies

What insect carried the black death?

in the famine black rats and other rats carried black death

Is there still black death?

Yes. The Black Death was caused by fleas on black rats, so if there are rats there will be plague.

Where comes from the black death?

the black death was carried by fleas that were on rats and the rats were on boats and they were carried over

Where did the rats carry the plague of black death?

The rats carried flees in their fur during the black death

Why is it caused the black death?

The Black Death was caused from rats and fleas, there were many rats and fleas and so fleas bite rats and become infected, then they jump on humans biting them causing the Black Death.

What kind of illness was the black death?

the black death was made by rats

Did the black death come from rats?

yes, it certainly did. In Mongol army camps rats died and spread Black Death.

Where and how did the rats get the black death?

It was carried by the fleas that lived on the rats.

How was the black death contracted?


Why was the black death caused?


Who were the culprits of the black death?

The rats

How caryd the black death?

Fleas on the backs of rats carried the black death.

What caused the black death in London?

Rats were the major cause of the black death

Where does the black death still exist?

Black death still exist amongst the wild rats. That is a plague disease, which is endemic in rats.

How they caught the black death?

Black death was caught by rats that came on the ships of vikings. The disease actually comes from the ticks on the rats.

What kind of rat spread the black death disease?

black death was spread by black rats. They were hosts of black death.

What insect caused the black death?

The Black Death was spread by fleas which lived on black rats.

Why did the black death?

The Black death started by dirty rats and fleas biting humans that was how the black death started the rats then went on to ships traviling all across the countries spreading the black death rappidlyBy Iqra Saeed

How did rats play a part in the spread of the black death?

rats got infected by Yersinia pestis bacterium. When they die fleas spread bacteria to humans.

Who speaded the black death?

The Black Death was spread by fleas and rats. ik..gross

Who carried the black death to Europe?

No one did it was rats that carried black death (plague)

What causes the plauge from the black death?

Black Asian rats.

How the black death was really caught?

Black Diseased Rats

How did the sailors catch the black death?

Sailors caught the Black Plague or Black Death on their ships if they got bit by a rat, or the fleas that feed off of the rats move on to the humans of the rats die and then after they start to feed on the sailors blood the disease gets into their blood system.