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Q: How did the red scare and communism change American society and government?
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What is the meaning of a black and silver American flag?

It stand for a change of government in today society.

How did Cuban way of life change during the Cold War?

adopted communism as its form of government

How did the vision of Latin American change between 1819 and 1829?


What was the Red Scare in 1917?

What caused a fear of communism, and how did it change American policy

How did immigrants change American society?


How does conservative view change?

They believed government should protect society from change.

Are people in Taiwan able to change and influence the government and their society?

Yes, it is a democratic society.

Why did many americans fear valdimire lenin?

American's feared communism for how it could change their lifestyles and Lenin had the ability to bring communism to America with Russia's army.

What type of government is Karl Marx most closely associated with?

According to Marx, government was not an entity through which change could be brought about. Rather, for change to happen and for the class struggles to be resolved it was necessary for the people to rise up and bring about the necessary adjustments to society.

How did Jazz change American Society?

nobody knows

How do conservative view change?

Conservatives believe government should protect society from change.

Why was communism used to target African Americans and homosexuals in the 20th century United States?

Communism saw both groups as alienated from mainstream society and as potential targets to change the US political scene.