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because they fear that the communist will take over them

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Q: How did the red scare lead to a violation to the rights of many Americans?
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An example of a violation of consumers' rights is false advertising, where a company makes misleading or deceptive claims about their products or services. This can lead to legal action if consumers are harmed as a result of the false information provided.

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What has the author Eric Burner written?

Eric Burner has written: 'And gently he shall lead them' -- subject(s): African Americans, Biography, Race relations, Civil rights, History, Civil rights movements, Civil rights workers

Eiffel that African-Americans Constantly pushing for equal rights only lead to conflict I wanted African-Americans to focus on becoming self sufficient through hard work who am i?

Booker T. Washington

What is the lowest part in Martin Luther King jr life?

The lowest part of Martin Luther King Jr's life was when he had to watch his fellow African Americans being beaten in the streets. This lead him to take on the Civil Rights Movement and lead African Americans toward equality.

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Why did the Freedmen's Bureau fail?

It did not lead to long-term civil rights for African Americans. Many of its reforms were overturned when Reconstruction ended.

Why did the red scare lead to demands to limit immigration?

Because Americans were afraid of communism and anarchism and did not like how the russians(communists) were coming over to their land so they created a quota system or a limit on immigration Hoped this helps(:

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constitution written in late 1780s ; most people are pleased . however ,,, somthing is missing , many cried for a list of rights or freedoms to eliminate ambiguity most of these amendments focused on civil liberties and civil rights

Who lead entrepreneur of the red scare during World War 1?

A. Mitchell Palmer