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How did the religion of Christanity spread?

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Missionaries! "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel unto every creature"

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What religion is the nordic countries?

The main religion is Christanity.

What was Robert Fulton's religion?


What is the main religion in Chile santiago?


What religion does the tree of life symbolize?


What religion is practiced by most Portuguese and Spanish people?


What religion is coptics?

Coptics come from Egypt, They are a form of Christanity.

Which religion had home field advantage during the crusades?


What religion does cook islanders follow?

If you go on google and type in "cook island religion", it gives you an answer Christanity

What is the main form of religion in Swedan?

Main religion is Swedan is Christanity, but there is a high level of Atheism that is growing.

What was the main religion for colonial New York?

Probably Dutch Protestant christanity

Which religion was most able to be practised freely between 1500 and 1700?


When was christanity made rome's national religion?

It was Made in A.D. 392 by the Emperor Theodosius

Is Niko Bellic an atheist?

No Niko Bellic is Not Athiest Niko Bellic Religion is Orthodox Christanity

Did Hernan Cortez spread religion?

was religion spread

How did Christanity start in Ancient Rome?

Constantine was the first Christian emperor in 306AD and he made it the state religion.

What religion did Constantine help spread?

constantine spread the religion of christianity

Is judaism one of the largest religion in the middle east?

Yes,Largest religions in the middle east are;- Islam- Christanity- Judaism

Who are the people who help spread a religion?

Missionaries are the people who help spread a religion.

What is Christianity mean?

Christanity can mean sorts of things such as the vicors dog colloar However it most commonly refers to the religion founded by a carpenter in medieval times. Christianity is an Abrahamic religion. It is also a monotheistic religion.

How did the decline of Rome help spread Christianity?

The decline of the Roman Empire did not favour the spread of Christianity, it was three dynasties of emperors which were Christians and favoured Christanity. One of these emperors also persecuted paganism.

What religion was spread from Arabia?

Islam spread from Arabia.

What religion has spread most rapidly in Asia?

If we take time as a measure of the spread of religion,then since its establishment ,Islam is the religion which spread or still spreading rapidly in Asia followed by Christianity.

When was Christanity started?

Christanity started in 33AD when Jesus died and resurrected from the dead proving that he is God.

How did Muhammad spread Islam?

Muhammad spread the religion of Islam by teaching of the religion. He taught people that he was the messanger of God and that also spread Islam.

What is the most wide spread religion?

The most wide spread religion is Christianity with over 2,116,909,552 supporters.

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