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How did the rock band 'The Madness' form?



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Genre: Rock Main Artist: Madness Active: '80s

The popular British ska-pop band Madness broke up in 1986, but most of its personnel never quite seemed content to call it quits. In 1988 four of its seven members formed a new band, which they differentiated from the original only by adding the word "The" to the name "Madness." The new group released only one (self-titled) album, a keyboard-heavy britpop record with very little ska influence. Longtime Madness frontman Graham "Suggs" McPherson sang lead on half the tracks. The other half are credited to "Cathal," who sounds suspiciously like Carl "Chas Smash" Smyth (a trumpet player, backup vocalist and utility infielder for Madness). Guitarist Chris Foreman and sax man Lee Thompson resumed their original roles. The album also features keyboardist Steve Nieve, who played for Madness when its founding pianist, Mike Barson, left in 1985. The Madness released only one single, "I Pronounce You." ~ Darryl Cater, All Music Guide