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Q: How did the statement by prussian ruler Frederick the great that a ruler is only the first servant of the state highlight enlightenment ideas about government?
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What statement best illustrates the contradiction between Enlightenment values and government policies in the early US?

Enlightenment thinkers valued individual liberty, but the U.S government continued to allow slaves to be deprived of all liberty

A lawyer wants the hook in the opening statement to?

Highlight the important points in the case.

Which of these statements is falseThe Enlightenment was based on the concept that people could use reason to find happiness?

The statement is not false. The Enlightenment was indeed based on the idea that reason could help individuals achieve happiness, by promoting rational thinking, scientific inquiry, and individual freedoms.

How do you write an objective statement?

Any strong resume includes an objective statement. This is the highlight of your introduction on a resume for the hiring manager or interviewer. Your objective statement should highlight your skills and career goals for the position you are applying for. In creating your objective statement, consider using keywords related to the industry. Keep it short and simple.

What statement describes the thinking of the Enlightenment?

the power of reason is the most important.

What statement expresses an idea of the Enlightenment?

all individuals have natural rights

What statement best summarizes Thomas Jefferson's views on the Enlightenment and slavery?

Jefferson support Enlightenment principles but continued to own slaves.

What is an enlightenment statement?

An enlightenment statement is a concise expression that conveys wisdom, insight, or clarity about a certain aspect of life or existence. It is typically profound, thought-provoking, and aimed at providing enlightenment or understanding to the reader or listener.

Sir Frederick Augustus Abel famous statement?

Sir Frederick Augustine Abel was a English Chemist who was born in London on the 17th of July 1827

What statement from the Declaration of Independence best reflects the enlightenment idea of the social contract?

Cause they just are

Similar to a book's dust jacket a lawyer wants the hook in the opening statement to?

highlight the important points in the case.

How did romanticism compare to the ideas of enlightenment?

Romanticism allowed people to think more naively than enlightenment. Romanticism accepted others word, enlightenment questioned the validity of each statement.